This advanced wireless technology constantly scans frequency channels in millisecond intervals for any form of interference, Fourth gear Working method: Very satisfied with the performance. Most Popular In Keyboards and Mice. But I think that would already be overkill.

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Great deals on Driver mwo mouse in Mice & Pointing Devices at

I love the heft of it – you can really increase the mass with the weights it comes with, and even with the weights removed it’s nice and solid. Ive tryed dozens of mice.

Basically, it lets me mwo-6050 the mouse sensitivity crazy high for fast torso twisting and lining up close-med range shots, then I just hold the button and it makes it way smoother and slower to carefully line up the long range shots. Never Choose Wireless mice for gaming! For a positive reception, provide nouse, tell a story, or use the score screen to start a discussion. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Save dosh and get a Microsoft mouse. Textured rubber side grips deliver a confident hold. Please don’t misrepresent your affiliation. I bought an overpriced Razer Deathadder a while ago because I liked the design and it broke mkuse less than a year because Razer products are cheaply made garbage.

Any advice on a good mouse for MWO? : OutreachHPG

I have seen this thread in my year on the forums no less than five times so I know that I could go back and look at those threads but, with ever changing technology, I figured it popping back up can’t be the worst thing. Proteus has more comfortable thumb buttons mwi-6500 firing extra weapon groups 3 and 4don’t use the DPI shift or any of that gimmicky shit. The only thing I use the keyboard for with this mouse is moving.

This one seems to hiccup, sometimes I can move it but it does not move the pointer or in game it will not move around when I’m trying to aim, for a second or two then comes back.

Old Mac fans will grudgingly tell you how reliable and long-lasting they are if you ask.

Best Mwo Mouse

The two side buttons are on the left side for ease of access by my thumb. Logitech G Proteus Gaming Mouse. I like this one personally http: Cool mwo-6500 LED light gives you a great visual effect Seven colors dazzle co It has a long-lasting month battery life with auto-sleep and a powerful metre wireless Ordinary rat mm Connect with computer: Don’t bait people with dumb stuff. Brilliant mouse for people who use mose claw grip.


I use it for teamspeak. Contoured design provides a natural fit to support your playstyle. Surfaces are clean so I’m not sure what it’s deal is. I was previously using the G ambidextrous mouse as i prefer finger actuated jouse buttons instead of thumb actuated ones as they tend to push your aim off when pressed. Check out the menus at the top of the subreddit for resources and guides!

I use the G since several years now. This affordable wireless mouse offers you more than a low price. I actually use the Mwo-6050 FK1 but I’ve played around with these two mice and they’re super nice. Although a lot of mouses are decent depending on your needs.

You can’t go wrong with the Logitech stuff. I would consider other games when choosing a mouse though.