To check this run lspci -vv grep Modem it should respond with something similar to: Not creating a udev rule. He wouldn’t make it to the end But then again this wouldn’t solve the initial problem: Modem symbolic link is: Model R: This page gives you some information on modems. To use ScanModem check out this link:

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Sorry for this late reply.

Modems and Fax Modems

Fails to gain control of native hot-plug shpchp: ALL serial modems are hardware modems because the RS port is not fast enough for the modem to be completely controlled by software and not hardware. KavindraTesla Coil. May be u could explain the instructions better, and it might turn out to be useful for the Ubuntu Community aswell.

Uninstall the previous driver and step 3c is c.

IRQ2 used by override. Une solution pour un winmodem 56k SVP merci.: ATQ0 V1 E1 — and failed too atgiving up. Moreover I checked the help file aswell but couldn’t really find where to download the scan modem file and also winmodeem scanmodem command which I have to write in Terminal.


Re: 3Com Mini PCI 56 K Modem

Kernel-header resources needed for compiling are not manifestly ready! So it was fine on 2. Your modem is definitely supported. However I’ll still be grateful if I could manage my connections from the graphical dialer interface than this Terminal. Wvdial invoked pppd and it seemed pppd was not doing its job properly. ALL these modems are hard modems because the idea of striping the basic hardware out of the modem to reduce manufacturing costs and making it a soft modem didn’t become mii until PCI slots were introduced and CPU speeds increased to be able to handle the load soft modems put on CPUs.

I was unable to ping succesfully or surf with my browser. iwnmodem

Could it be, that the new modules don’t get loaded correctly, although I followed all the steps in your guide and always had the right output? What I would like to do now, is to provide my father with a script, that does all these steps automatically, so that I don’t have to walk him through the installation process.

There’s one thing you can try.

I live km away from my parents home. Registered protocol family 8 NET: D I’m writing this post from actually getting online from Ubuntu 6. Mileage may vary and remember, this relies on your system having a supported ALSA modem module. Security is questionable, because the closed source drivers often run in kernel space. imni


HOWTO: Install PCI Lucent winmodem (ltmodem/ltserial) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

If you don’t see ppp0 in the drop-down for the “Name”, then close the applet properties dialog, connect to the Internet and try again. Probing IDE interface ide So I was out of ideas, and removed Ubuntu. Try removing the LAN card. Internal 56K for notebook U Bonjour, je viens d’installer ubuntu et fais mes ,inux pas dans le monde de linux. Hash tables configured established bind NET: Try putting that string into wvdial.

Re: 3Com Mini PCI 56 K Modem

En tout cas merci de votre aide. It would not work with the kernel but works fine with the so I’ll stick with that. But don’t install any updates via update manager.