Anyone interested in helping track down the original manufacturer? Finally getting back to this challenge, so thanks for your replies! I used xuv to find the button numbers of the different buttons on my trackball, and reassigned them in xorg. Anyway, the posts are all caught up now! You must include these buttons even if it is at the end. Turns out… when I was setting up the Intellipoint software, I accidently selected one of the Microsoft mice instead of the Trackball Explorer. I remember having at least 2 of them just sitting around so I am hunting for another one.

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The part of interest is the rectangle at the heel of the hand.

I sold last of the three Trackball Explorers I had available a few messages commpatible couple of weeks ago. Sadly, mine died too about 3 months ago. Or do I not annoy myself and use the one in good shape? Probably microsof enough billions in it for them. Anyone actually take advantage of the Trackball repair gentleman mentioned above? I currently work in the video games industry making 3D assets with a TBE both at home and work.


Also be sure to send them a link to this blog thread! They would have the required design sub and manufacturing experience to create an excellent replacement for Trackball Explorer.

There is no other that even comes close. Nobody understands this device This is the greatest pointing device ever!

A great computer mouse! As evidenced by the asking prices on Ebay, the people who use this device are very loyal. Microsoft Explorer Trackball 1.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0 USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X05-87473

You would think a simple search on Ebay would show Microsoft what kind of demand there still is for this product. I thought I was the only one who was hopelessly devoted to a desktop electronic device. I normally get about years out of dompatible one that I purchase, and usually buy another one to keep as an extra. With the Kensington, I also tried creating a new. Just an option for those who are out a TBE. We really could use a version 2 of this excellent device.

The ball has fallen on the floor more times than I care to remember. This is simply my favorite mouse of all time. I miss my explorer.


Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. How few remember that Solitaire was created so they could learn how to use a mouse, which at one time they found as hard to use then as they claim the trackball is now.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer PS2/USB Compatible X Mouse FS | eBay

It might be a solution for some of you with some soldering and sculpture skills. I also wanted to gloat a bit. Would it still work? April 24th, 4. Can we get any clues from this? The bearings wear down and the ball drags in the support cup. Greetings from Athens — Greece. Nonplus, I doubt it. Read the complaint for yourself http: Eplorer mouse wheel is gummy.

My cursor would skip around.