I found it on Ubuntu forum. Better to have it than not to have it. If you bought a Winfastxp card RM do this: This is important, because the wrong tuner type will probably make TV channel tuning impossible. Use these instructions for Edgy and below. Nov 29th , Typhoon is the brand of Anubis.

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These cards are sold by many OEMs too. You must also have your capture card installed inside your computer.

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I have gotten everything else working without any problems. I found it on Ubuntu forum. Model got re-used, some model no. So, the driver will try to autodetect the card model.

If you don’t know the TV tuner model, you will have to try until you find one of them that works with your card if it does not work, you won’t be rl51 to switch TV channels. Typhoon is the brand of Anubis.

Nov 29th If you rl51 a Winfastxp card RM do this: Thanks for any help on this. Results 1 to 4 of 4. For all the other capture cards you need to specify the correct tuner.


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Have you tried this? You should know that improper configuration settings will make the driver partially lr511. Do you know where the modules. A yellow question mark. This is important, because the wrong tuner type will probably make TV channel tuning impossible. Thanks again Larry H.

You must be aware that on FlyVideo, AverMedia, Miro, PinnacleVoodoo and Hauppauge models, tuner model is autodetected, so, with those cards, you could let the driver autodetect it. Xawtv -hwscan does reveal the card is detected.

Still puzzled by why it doesn’t just work though – mine did with KdeTV without any messing around The driver knows about those special cards that need special parameters xpp work because they can tune Radio, but using another specific tuner for that function.

Now, the Main installation screen will be displayed, anddepending on your settings, the driver could be properly configured for your card. Agree to the license and press “Next”. The first screen offers to Install the driver or to Uninstall ANY already installed driver associated with the Brooktree capture card.

This is caused probably because your video capture card does not provide a reliable way to identify it all the older Bt based cards have cp problem, but lrr51 all new Bt based cards should be autodetected.


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I need the location to find the config files for it so I can manually select the tuner from the list. Jul 8th I have been looking or51 the location of the conf. Some cards have different names, but are the same cards, so, check if yours is one pr51 those cards:. In Xandros Linux the card was 34, and the tuner was It has the Tvision RF module in it.

It shows up as being there. I found 3 from the list that will work: Make sure you select the TV card model that is right for your capture board if you are asked to just read the screenand select the right TV tuner.