Those iTouch ones look nice. Glencoe, Minnesota, United States. It seems like there are many people who are having issues with the SetPoint 4. I presume that is because it has to survive gaming abuse rather than just hoping for a careful MS Office user. You are supposed to wrap the band around your finger, but I used it more like a pen. I didn’t like the MX Master after just 10 minutes of use.

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Logitech Ba47 USB Ball Mouse – | eBay

One feature I needed to get used to but do not wan’t any other way now: Back to home page. I had to replace the rechargeable battery last year as the moise of battery life was becoming irritating, but it’s just a standard M-ab47 AA cell so cheap and easy.

Thursday, March 10, 6: Mouse You Use with Linux 23 posts. I also use a M trackball as my main pointing device for around 2 years.

I have a wireless Logitech. I bought a third one to go with my laptop, because I just hate trackpads. An don’t touch my monitors either ok?

I wish my keyboard had the same feature. I’ve started m-baa47 a Logitech G somewhere last year and haven’t looked back ever since. So for anyone playing along at home: Comments [] Share on: A Microsoft Trackball explorer has been beside my keyboard for 10 years. The one at my office gets more use, but when switching to the one n-ba47 home, it helps prevent hand pain because my hand uses different muscles for that mouse.


I agree with Meh and the gaming mouse guys. I think the choice of tools, like a mouse and keyboard are often personal decisions or should be, just like choosing a mate. Hey, i tried option 1 with my G19 and G9.

It would be nice to not ever need a mouse or rarely need a mouse, but when you use the most a lot and you execute the same commands over and over it can come in handy.

So much so that I recently went on ebay and bought a few, then newegg for some extra batteries, and have multiple working ones in case one ever dies again. Logitech mice are the only ones I will buy, and I personally prefer the corded ones almost zero maintenance, if my comp desk wasn’t also my eating table I wouldn’t ever have to clean it. There is only one thing wrong with it but it is a deal breaker for me. I have installed the new version 4.

All depends what I’m doing, the Sculpt better for times I want a traditional mouse with a really comfortable grasp, and the Trackball if I feel like my wrist is acting up and wants a rest from moving around.


Mouse You Use with Linux – Ars Technica OpenForum

Jan 5, Posts: I also decided a few months ago that the MX Master was the mouse for me. This mouse logtech support for multiple profiles and responsiveness which you can switch on the fly.

It has 12 extra buttons you can map commands to. Which resulted in pain in my wrist, lower arm and shoulder. I had one in use and one unopened, but recently had to break the seal on the new one after moue cable stopped working in the original also, the beige was starting to just get that yellow tinge.

Monday, March 14, Two words, super sweat.

5-lot OEM Logitech Mouseman Scroll Wheel Ergonomic USB Mouse M-ba47 2325y

Now using the Logitech MX Master at work and at home nice to use the same mouse for the desktop, laptop and Surface with just a push of a button. Surprised no body mentioned the almighty Apple Magic Mouse! It’s been 6 weeks with this new mouse and it’s now my daily logitecb for code, blog posts, Office, and everything.