If an IPV6 address is used as the system name, it must be enclosed within braces, i. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If this property is set to “false”, then result set data is not compressed. LOBs that are larger than this threshold will be retrieved in pieces using extra communication to the system. Specifies whether to use extended dynamic support. I can deploy and run the application locally, but when I execute it I get an error in the Mule console as follows:.

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The server specified in the original connection string, and the servers specified in the clientRerouteAlternateServerName and clientRerouteAlternatePortNumber properties are retried, in order, when the current server is unavailable. Specifies whether auto-commit mode is the default connection mode for new connections. For jbc, when this property is off falseResultSetMetaData.

This property may be used to reduce the size of buffers in the JVM when using batched insert operations. When this property is “default”, then the behavior specified by the “data truncation” property is used.

Specifies how numeric range errors are handled.

Configuring the IBM Toolbox for Java

This means that the driver does not throw an SQLException with SQL error code after a failed connection has been successfully re-established if the following conditions are true:. This will increase overall performance by reducing the total number of requests. The following tables list the different jy400 properties that are recognized by this driver.


Who’s following the question. The connection was not being used for a transaction at the time the failure occurred. Specifies how the system treats case while sorting records.

AS/400 Toolbox Driver Configuration Properties

A value of 3 indicates that “skip locks” will be used. This warning can be safely ignored to improve the performance of applications that call stored procedures.

An error occurs if a conversion error occurs when setting a numeric parameter. General properties are system attributes that specify the user, password, and whether a prompt is necessary to connect to the system.

Specifies whether to cache a subset of the SQL package information in client memory. Specifies whether “currently committed” access is jddbc on the connection. See JDBC properties for more details on how to set the naming convention and library list. Thanks, Manish Kumar Yadav. It is only used as a hint by the underlying socket code.

AS/ Toolbox Driver Configuration Properties (Configuring JDBC/ODBC Drivers)

They are separated by semicolons jjt400 are in the form: Other properties are those properties not easily categorized. Specifies whether j4t00 set data is compressed. Specifies the URL to be used for a connection on the middle-tier’s DriverManager in a multiple tier environment, if it is different than already specified.

When this property is “none”, writing truncated data to the database or using such data in a query generates no exception or warning. Specifies the output string type of bidirectional data.


Error trying to load driver: Specifies whether trace messages should be logged.

These properties determine which JDBC driver is used, and specify options related to level of database access, bidirectional string type, data truncation and so on. Defines a comma separated list of servers to use if the server specified in the connection string is not accessible. Thanks YLombardi, that answers my question. Writing truncated numeric data to the database always throws an error and using truncated numeric data in a query always posts a warning, unless specified otherwise by the use of the “numeric range error” property.

IBM Toolbox for Java JDBC driver

If SQL naming is being used, and no default SQL schema is set, then the driver resolves unqualified names using the schema with the same name as the user.

Setting the property to “true”, would store the Boolean object in the character field as either “true” or “false”. When this setting is in effect, if a server goes down, the driver tries to fail back or jdbv over to an alternate server.