I love my Be’s. By using a PEEK polymer surround, our diaphragm assemblies have an extended low frequency performance. Last Jump to page: I am on the trail of looking for beryllium diaphragms diaphragms for drivers. I will do extensive testing and report here.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Contact done I have contact with the producer. Are you talking with a German or Japanese supplier, jb, one in China?

I love my Be’s. A well known company uses this type. Berylliym learn more about cookies and how you can disable them, please read our Cookie Policy.

Unlike other metal domes, Truextent acoustic beryllium offers unparalleled sound dampening that starts to drop-off well before other dome materials. We use cookies when you browse our website to make the website work, for analytics, to improve your experience, and for other functions.

Beryllium upgrade for JBL compression

My aluminums are great. My guess is interest will be directly proportionate to price. They take a copper former and ‘sputter’ the beryllium onto this copper former and then etch the copper off, leaving the beryllium diaphragm.


By rolling beryllium into a thin foil and then hot forming our domes and cones, we offer a durable product with consistent thickness. Originally Posted by Guido. He said that the second best in his opinion is what is called “sputtering”.


Read our BeX compression driver diaphragm assemblies data sheet. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Other than the Chinese vendors which may or may not be as advertised, all of the other Be diaphragms seem to come from Japan and Germany. Results 1 to 15 of Originally Posted by Compresion Gonzales. Learn more about the advantages of beryllium compression drivers: All the other aftermarket manufacturers “forget” this!!! The combination of unique acoustic characteristics and increased sensitivity enhance speakers, enabling the highest definition audio and crystal-clear sound.

They are also built with aluminum edgewound voice coils with beryllium-copper lead outs.

Beryllium – Radian Audio

Beryllium upgrade for JBL compression. There is no other material like beryllium for loudspeakers and headphones. If they are crap we will forget them fast. He said that the difference between the two is akin to having forged pistons vs. I’d love to try some 2″ Be dia’s in my ‘s. The phoneys are titanium covered with beryllium which is no better sounding than titanium.


Beryllium Replacement for the 1″ and 2″ drivers is available!

JBL Professional 2435HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet

By using a PEEK polymer surround, our diaphragm assemblies have compresssion extended low frequency performance. BeX diaphragm assemblies feature genuine acoustic beryllium domes that reduce mass and ensure unmatched rigidity.

Due to beryllium’s unique physical properties of stiffness and damping, the BeX diaphragm assembly series eliminates ringing and distortion.

Will Berylium extend the frequencies response of JBL compression drivers and tweeters? The only ones made are in the orient and I am told many are phoneys as there is only one source of real beryllium material.