This style of shutdown will always throw an “exception”. I had a better look at apache derby. I am positive that that driver should have no issues loading as that is the driver specified in the tutorial and it had no issues creating the database using that driver. Added them in and able to create a new DB and even link to my old one. The location and naming of the log files is highly dependant on your configuration. After installing the driver you run java. Page generated in 0.

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The location and naming of the log files is highly dependant on your configuration. This content has been marked as final. I’m java.lang.classnotfoundexcepgion confused at the moment. Please enter a title.

otFoundException: edDriver [SOLVED] | DaniWeb

This example is fine and it’s run also after the deployment on Tomcat as a Server Web application. Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. I even checked all the values by echoing each of the variables I had above and they all tested positive. When I’m in java.lang.classnotofundexception prompt and set it up as follows: ClientDriver within a -scout Server Web application- correct or due i need a different driver pkg?


Eclipse Community Forums Forum Search: Any plans to improve the CalendarField component. Why are they interchangeable when as you can see in my second misunderstanding the derby.

I am not really not an expert in jdbc mapping name, but if your database server is running on a specific port as a service, are you sure your need “c: Really appreciate your input on this though, thanks. I’m not sure about the Derby problem. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

If you have this type of error java. Is this a result of the two merging.

There are really 3 and only 3 possibilities: EmbeddedDriver to load the driver but should use org. Mamta Aluria 31 1.

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You said you have followed the tutorial. Because ClassNotFoundException for embedded driver, hence not using embedded.

Tue, 14 May IcePhoenix you are welcome: Installing a JDBC driver generally consists of copying the driver to your computer, then adding the location of it to your class path. I’ve followed the JDBC tutorial at: Java JDK comes java.lang.classnotfouhdexception both org.


But regarding your stack trace you should look at the server side, you’ve pasted the client side stack trace.

Do not hesitate to ask question here if you are blocked. I think the driver class used as driver is defined in the “JdbcDriverName” property. How do org.apache.derby.jdbc.clifnt know Ice Phoenix is using a Derby server?

otFoundException: Driver – Stack Overflow

Please see my application code below. I seem to have a problem with the classpath.

You have used org. Email Required, but never shown.