The last thing I want when I boot up my laptop is a seizure inducing light show. No out of place colors or weird lights that serve no particular purpose. This is when I started looking at the Dell Latitude D This is where the business budget and tax returns come into play. I resumed my search shortly before the wedding and heard from various channels that the new Core 2 Duo was just about to come out in laptops.

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Underside view of D view large image. There are 4 mouse type buttons, 2 on top and 2 at the bottom of the touchpad. The laptop looks very professional: Vvideo my camera has a dead spot. For some reason the screen is all blue, even though the background was pure black when I took the pictures.

My question was “if the price of the exact same model goes d80 next week or in so many weeks, can I get a refund of the difference”. I have tried to setup a wirelss network at home using only a desktop wireless card and this laptop, but failed miserably. At least I tried!

There is however very minimal light leakage at the bottom of the screen. My search for the best possible laptop for my needs started about a year ago when I realized I could use a portable to bring to class. The keyboard is also very quiet. I also considered buying a laptop that would offer 3 to 3. I decided to pass on this “free” upgrade. I mostly use this without sound or with headphones at the moment, so this is not a big issue. This seems to be working extremely well; I have tested it with the option on and then off.


A great desktop replacement with long battery life, but not a back breaker either. I read reports that it could last a good 5 hours with a 9 cell battery and that you could also configure it with an extra media bay battery.

The extra installed software included google desktop and toolbar, McAfee antivirus and protection suite intfland several useful Dell utilities. This was with WiFi on, screen at maximum brightness and an optical mouse plugged in.

A minimum of 3 hours is pretty good in my books, especially considering most viddo these days have a maximum of 3 hours. I was starting to wonder if that software was written for people who just like to randomly click on everything, not paying attention to what they are doing.

Dell Latitude D820 INTEL Core 2 Duo 2000 MHz 320Gig Serial ATA HDD 4096mb DDR2 DVD/CDRW Wireless

Simply put, d8820 speakers are satisfactory for normal office use and headphones are, in my opinion, a necessity for gaming. The professional look of the Latitude Dpaired with a workstation class video card, is reason enough for Dell to call it a business notebook. The notebook is extremely silent. While I agree that it would be a great tool for a business, the D could also be an excellent v820 for a student looking for performance, ease of use and occasional gaming.


I also inquired about a price matching policy. The brightness level is adjustable from 1 to 8, 1 being the lowest, still readable under normal light conditions but a bit dim, and 8 being the brightest setting.

Dell Latitude D with Core 2 Duo Review

Right side of Latitude D view large image. He told me that “it would never, ever happen. There is a bit of flex to the keyboard, if I push hard on it.

The second picture shows the light leakage in the dark. The X resolution is a bit vldeo the high side, but after setting the DPI to and using big icons, I can see things quite clearly. Back view of Latitude D view large image. No loud typing sounds here. At one point, I said something that confused the poor man to no end.