Tablane is a browser for people who need to find, keep and share information from the Internet. Tablane helps you search, compare, collect, share and organize Internet resources in ways you may not have experienced before with other browsers, even those with tabs.

Are you looking for a tabbed browser thats really fast. Would you like to look at several Web pages side by side. Bookmarks not enough for your references. What about saving documents, clippings or pictures.

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Jeta has huge library of over 5000 vector shapes and icons, 200 shape styles and 400 logo templates, which makes it use even simpler and faster. All logo templates are scalable vector layers, grouped for simple manipulations (can be ungrouped for farther modification). Start your logo design with one of over 400 templates, modify it by replacing shapes and styles and you will get unique logo design in just a few simple steps.

With free edition of Jeta you can start your own designs within 10 minutes or less.

Free edition has over 300 free shapes, icons and 200 styles to create unique logos, icons and web graphics. Jeta Logo Designer free Edition is for noncommercial use only.

Business edition has over 5000 additional shapes and icons and 400 Logo templates.

This modern-looking chess application will let you dive into the world of exciting chess games. Pick your difficulty level and see if you can beat the computer. Feel free to undo your move if you make a mistake.

Chess 2013 records the moves in the standard chess notation and lets you jump to any point in the game.


The development of the game is assessed in the Evaluation panel – positive values indicate White’s advantage, negative values indicate Black’s advantage.

Chess 2013 provides a choice of visual styles for the chessboard, chess pieces, and the background.

Animated moves and highlighting features make the game comfortable for every player. The trial version contains all basic features and provides two hours of gameplay. Chess 2013 is equipped with parallel artificial intelligence. The full version adds other cool features, such as time control, advisor, saving toloading from PGN files, editor, and more.

Chess 2013 users appreciate the design of the application, the ease of use as well as offered game varieties.

Turkey to work on your computer with antivirus protection system which is superior by detecting malicious software, delete and successful antivirus software that lets you use your computer with confidence. Record what is going on at the 2292 time under the immediate protection system on your computer, keeping you informed 22 activities occurred on your computer.

Thanks to the auto-update system from day to day self-improvement and self-updating online with Turkish Antivirus can protect your computer.

Intuitive Browsing Feature With this feature, your computer is always secure.

Is not always possible to understand whether there is a problem with your system, this program will scan the computer you want to call it even offers the ability to scan and no harmful spellings. cloud Technology Cloud technology feature provides the possibility to instantly scan any suspicious file with the drag and drop method.

So 922 will be released.

License for the full version of antivirus software package to Turkish Antivirus Control Center for system management and a variety of features, tools and settings, offering access integrates all system components.


Each of the system components are divided into four different groups to develop easy to use direc Virtual Audio Streaming simulates a virtual sound card on your system 29 becomes an enhancementwrapper of your real sound card.

Virtual Audio Streaming lets you BroadcastRecordConnect all kinds of sounds, no matter whether 922 sound is from the local audio file, microphone, sound application, online music or online chattingmeeting voice.

For example, you can use Virtual Audio Streaming to record Skype meetings, with peoples and your 922 mixed together or separated, and then broadcast the conversations to msn messenger or ustream.

Virtual 2292 Streaming is also a XPVistaWindows 7 Audio Changer, you can switch among audio cards with one click in systray.

Virtual Audio Streaming is just like a virtual audio cable and all the sounds are transferred with its internal loopback tunnel, so there is NO any audio quality loss.

Virtual Audio Streaming also fixes the ‘No Stereo Mix’ 22 card issue of VistaWin7.

There is little sound recording program on the market can record sounds without ‘stereo mix’ on Windows7.

Also, the ‘windows audio card changer’ feature is unique. No other software can programming change system default sound playback devicec on VistaWindows 7.