Scenario Manager Everyday life is complex and diverse. The security starter pack is the ideal introduction to a secure, Smart Home. Really smart and efficient. Why Bosch Smart Home. Integrate them into your Smart Home System and benefit from networked security — inside and outside your home.

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The system security solution from Bosch Smart Home protects in case of fire and unwelcome guests — and can be expanded flexibly. What would happen if these routines could be automated with just one fingertip? For more comfort, security, and energy efficiency. The washing machine is compatible with Bosch Smart Home. Your fridge with Home Connect function now fits into your pocket. By regularly measuring air purity, temperature, and humidity, it protects your family from the dangers of smoke.

Plus, they look good while doing so. The Eyes Outdoor Camera offers the best of both worlds: The Condens i W from Bosch unites fascinating design with revolutionary technology.

Helps you easily select the perfect wash program. Learn more about this product. It records all pertinent events that occur around your home and sends top-quality images directly to your smartphone.


Smart Home solutions Bosch Smart Home. It contains everything you need to take the first steps towards your Smart Home. Bosch fridge freezer with integrated cameras and the Home Connect feature that sends photos of inside your fridge to your smartphone. Single and System Solutions Security. Revolutionary control technology that makes your life simpler: If you let it, of course. Comfort Our solutions make home life easier and more enjoyable.

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Climate Starter Set Your personal feel-good climate at the tap of your finger with the Bosch interior climate starter pack. The Smart Home Scenario Manager is used to assign fixed tasks to your system products.

And know exactly which ingredients you still need for that great upcoming dinner. Scenario Manager Everyday life is complex and diverse.

Bosch Smart Home. Your home. Newly invented.

With the comfortable Amazon Alexa Skill you also control selected functions via voice. Learn about smart products for indoor climate, lighting, and home. But it responds to more than just smoke. Story Mobility Bosch motorcycle systems — Award-winning comfort and safety.


Your personal feel-good climate at the tap of your finger with the Bosch interior climate starter pack.

Smart Single Solutions work by itself — but are designed to be integrated into Smart System Solutions later. In addition to surveillance, the Eyes Outdoor Camera also doubles as an intercom and provides impressive exterior lighting.

Twinguard does even more. Smart Single Solutions Clever features united in one product. Our security solutions help secure your home and offer other useful capabilities.

Smart solutions — as part of a system or on its own. Still looking for something? System solutions that reveal their full potential when used as a team.