I am green with these issues and I would like to ask for help in verifying the errors that were detected. Benik3 , Apr 1, I experienced frequent frame rate drops on Skyrim, it was more stable on win7. We’ve also updated Unigine from version 3. Has this been resolved?

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Any help would be appreciated. My BIOS has two options concerning graphic mode: Yes, we did update the drivers yesterday and mentioned the same in the release notes: Hello People, Unlike other people I am facing another issue. Benik3Apr 3, Things which i have tried so far: Then a cannot start my computer Since yesterday Windows won start. This content has been marked as final.

Do i need to install first my Primary GPU before i install this? I would like to use the new ones if they make a difference. After installing W10 it dont. I wouldn’t put the computer to sleep.


I have a similar problem. Thanks, This totally solved my issue.

AMD Catalyst Issue Is Fixed At Last!!! 😀 | Community

Hope all of you will be happy to see the result. Go to original post.

It gave me no errors and running smoothly. Now I sit here with W10 and an unsolved graphics-issue. Please open a new thread for your issue. Thanks for the idea again and have a happy New Year! Seems more people have the problem, any way to fix it? In any case, we expect that most consumers will opt for a custom cooler version of the card anyway, due to better cooler design and slightly improved performance.

AMD Radeon HD 7790 Duel – ASUS vs Sapphire

It has been well over 2 months since Windows 10 got officially released and your userbase is still plagued with faulty drivers. I installed fresh OS and older driver but nothing was able to sort out the problem. Are you going to fix this??? By some of the replies here my guess is probably no.


Do you already have preformance account?

AMD Catalyst 13.x ( March 13) HD7790 Performance Driver

With autodetect it doesn’t work Any solutions to this? We’ve also updated our benchmark list, adding Unigine’s new Valley benchmarkas well as 3DMark and the big one, Crysis 3! This tool uses JavaScript and hhd of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Should I disable that you think? In W7 everything works smooth.

I think you guys at AMD have stretched yourselves too thin. Thanks for the kind words dear we both need a solution to our issue.