Different vendors may deviate from the stated specification. A total of 4 models were available: For the performance and features you need to play the latest games and enjoy home-theater quality video, make sure your PC is equipped with a GeForce GPU. GeForce Series is the last addition in the GeForce 7 series. Have feedback on the article for the editorial team? The contains all the features of the GeForce 7 family.

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Gigabyte 7300 GT 256 MB BIOS

It too offers all the features of the series as well as an attractive performance-to-price ratio. However it is important to note that series does not support technologies such as: It is only available in the PCI Express interface.

Nvidia announced immediate availability of the GeForce series on March 9, This series was discontinued and replaced with the series in early Tesla GeForce 8 9 It has two pixel pipelines. Retrieved July 2, Archived from the original on March 16, Gigabyte’s own overclocking tool, V-Tuner 2 Plus completes the bundle for those who hope to get a bit more performance from their cards.


This was the last series available on AGP cards. However, the modest clock speeds mean that the price of the Gigabyte would probably be more in tune with its low-end image. It has DDR2 type memory and uses bits memory interface.

The fourth-generation Intellisample technology introduces two new antialiasing modes—transparency yigabyte supersampling and transparency adaptive multisampling—which increase the quality and performance of antialiasing.

This card is also based on the GS core. GeForce 7 Series Product Overview. Kepler GeForce GeForce Series is the last addition in the GeForce 7 series. Like many low-end graphics products, Gigabyte’s version features a passive cooler. It also has 2 pixel shaders, 4 texture units, together with 2 ROPs.

The GeForce 7 supports hardware acceleration for H.

In that sense, the Gigabyte probably holds up to its claims of being As of MarchNvidia gigqbyte discontinued production of a number of GeForce 6 and 7 series products, including the GS. Serious Sam II, the sequel to a first person shooter game, which was a sleeper hit, has many colorful environments that should show off the capabilities of the card.

VGA Bios Collection: Gigabyte GeForce GT MB | TechPowerUp

However, the product’s company, MSI, made claims that these cards were stolen from MSI during transportation and sold to woot! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The AGP version was introduced on July 21, Archived from the original gifabyte February 8, The ultimate gaming experience.


Unlike the GX2 before it, this version is available to consumers directly. More Than Just More Memory”. It has 16 pixel shader units instead of the 20 that the GT has, but still benefits from the optimizations of the other 7-series GPUs enjoy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to GeForce 7 series. The GTO was an extremely popular card among enthusiasts as it offered near GTX performance at a considerably lower price. The presence of this output means that it can support displays sizes of inch and larger.