Thanks for you time Mondo. I love this program there has got to be a way to fix this This doesn’t resolve the issue of Dish networks – I don’t think it interprets the mux stream properly in order to find the service information. Getting the usual sats.. However for the Life of me it will NOT map the dang channels Can you submit this as a feature request and I’ll try and get someone to look into it.

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You guys are great and I appreciate everything that has been done I am rusty in linux I cannot map the services to channels it is NOT finding the info about the channel therefore it is not mapping the channels They will not map to channels as they are supposed to when you press the map to services I’m looking further into it and have asked around a bit for more information on the sdt differences on Dish since it has been dealt with, with other software.

The simple fact is if i manually map the channel it works fine. Well I spent the better part of the day reverse engineering through the code, since I’m not familiar with it.

Its all there it just won’t map genpis I am the type that gets bored easily. Ok here we go 1. I could be off on what is actually causing the issue of course – I don’t know the inner workings of tvheadend that well.


Thanks so much for Listening Thanks for the insight and the help bro its Appreciated Hein, that sound sensible to you? Notice the ‘stype’ of 0 for the channel not being read, where as the ‘stype’ should be 1 indicating SDTV. Works Great it places the services which are channels in which i have tested no problems there. Hats off to the Programmers and OdenKampf. genpixx

[all variants] Genpix Unified Driver

The map Services Button is enable However i want to get this working and i want to make it easy for everyone I did that because I heard about the character set being a possible issue. I wrote the mux to disk so i could look at it.

I can tell you There is an htpc section at satfix that rocks because of programs like this I am trying to get the Na people up to date with htpc media centers and get rid of those stupid little Stb boxes When i hit Map services it says Jul 22 With further work on this I’ve determined there are more service types that are not being recognized – so lunux I’ve foundand in use. Hi, I am not sure if i understand the problem correctly, some questions: I am going to need some help but other then that Hello Hein, I am using the latest one git-ddb lijux all the patches it has the modified charset I am on ubuntu precise i version kernel pc I am using xbmc as the front end.


So i sat there and mapped each and genpjx channel.

I’ve been throwing in some tvhlog commands to try and decipher and understand where the flow is stopping but I haven’t got there yet.

Or can you watch from a webbrowser by clicking on Play? I am using Ubuntu I am racking my brains here Now mind you I have not worked with linux since the Walnut Creek days Hello there, I am doing them one at a time and it is making it through the scan no problem I wrote the muxes to disk and low and behold there are the service id’s and channel info however when i go to map services it says genpix probe started but thats it I have 0 muxes to scan i have 65 services Well It works Excellent Not a Fart or a burp One of the problems is i am getting the proper mux but it is listing it as other I start the web service probe and nothing happens it will not map the services to channels