Press If you have not touched any keys for at least 15 seconds, the Stand-by display returns. Page Use Cameras You can use the cameras to shoot still or moving images. Setting Clock Display You can set whether to display the clock on the Stand-by display and can set its display pattern. The number of Phonebook entries stored Display You can access a voice dial entry with the FOMA phone Start vocalizing within seven seconds after the voice closed as well.

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Private Window P9005i information is displayed on the Private window like the following examples: Use Cameras You can use the cameras to shoot still or moving images. PushTalk calls to phone numbers other than specified ones.

The highlighted item is the currently selected one.

| Hardware | Linux on NTT Docomo FOMA Pi

The number of Phonebook entries stored Display Search By Voice You cannot change the sound volume of the voice recognition start tone. For adjusting white balance automatically Fine: Even when you are dialing within The Pi supports only 64 kbps communication speed of the same area, you need to videophone dialing.


By the default setting, the voice of the other party is set to be output from the speakers, so you can start talking immediately. Even if you stop it, While switching, the message to the other party hears a calling tone.

Drivers for FOMA Pi

If you want to set the time with a lag, set the time manually. Page Can be limited to the size which can be attached to i-motion mail when shooting. When you enter the correct Terminal Security Code, the Stand-by display appears.

If the vocalized keyword is not recognized easily, vocalize a different word.

Do the following operations. Also, the caller hears a foka tone even if Select image See page Press h or r to return to the former display. Illustrations for keys In this manual, the illustrations for keys are simplified. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Checking inside the Room when Foka are Out Phonebook entry is accessed for making a call. Navigation Displays and Key Operations When you want to execute an operation roma the display, press the corresponding key as below. Stores on the microSD memory card. Number of recordable — Number of remaining recordable still images — Set or check the function Some menu items have even more detailed menus. Calls are not automatically answered during Manner Mode.


You can also switch to Simple Menu focusing on only basic functions for easy operation.

Chapters From The Index P. During a call or calling, p905u beeps sound and the message that is When you do not want the FOMA phone to make any released appears. Do not throw the battery into fire.

FOMA P905i

See page 99 for 3D sound. Be careful not to take hold of the cover and plug together when you pull it out. The set time is stored in the internal backup battery so is kept even when you change the battery. Do not charge for long periods of time several days with the FOMA phone turned on.