Although I had spent a lot of time researching this unit and had heard quite a few negatives I decided to take a chance. The compressors are what makes this unit really worth the money. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. See any errors on this page? Rated 3 out of 5 by J. The same controls flank the unit, with the bottom row of dials mostly dedicated to control of the compression settings while Gain, Frequency and Q dials allow control of the EQ, along with the EQ Band Select button, which cycles through the bands.

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However, if the “FREE” button is active then the compressor emulation will have all possible available controls with full ranges accessible for use The users can build their own EQs using all of the available seven slots on a single Liquid Mix channel.

The main difference between the Liquid Mix 16 and the Liquid Mix is the number of channels each provides at various sample rates. Instead, the hardware follows the software selected plug-in. Cons If you will miss the screen, you’ll need to pay more for the standard model. The good news is that all 40 compression models and focusrlte 20 EQs remain from Liquid Mix.

Emulation of high-end vintage and modern day sound processors. Who knows how accurate they are compared with the real units. The Liquid Mix 16 does not have a LCD display and because of this, plug-ins cannot be instantiated from the hardware.

Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 review | MusicRadar

Rated 4 out of 5 by The Wrabbit from Great but not without flaws I’ve used this in just about every mix i’ve made since buying. If you tend to do all of your compression and EQ tweaks in your DAW with a mouse alone, it’s impossible to overstate how wonderful it is to have hardware control instead. The Liquid Mix 16 from Focusrite delivers virtual dynamics and EQ processing for DAW applications, based on an unequalled variety of classic signal processor emulations.


Be the first to review this item. Fire up an instance of Liquid Mix in your plug-in chain and you’re greeted with a GUI which allows you to choose EQ and compression settings for that channel. Each one of the 16 mono plug-ins can be a different compressor and hybrid EQ, chosen from a list of forty compressors and twenty EQs, representing both vintage and modern “classic” analog processors. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.

You can do exactly this, either by selecting a ‘global’ EQ across the board or by piecing together a hybrid EQ solution one band at a time. Its compressor and EQ tools focusriet great and are comprehensive in terms of sonic variety. Pros The best bits of Liquid Mix for much less dough.

Our Verdict Focusrite’s Liquid Mix technology at a knockdown price – what’s not to like? Focusrite first utilized “Dynamic Convolution” in their Liquid Channelwhereby actual hardware compressors and equalizers were sampled at multiple settings, with each sample being linked to the various hardware control settings.

The Eq’s are slightly iffy however. As for processing power, only you know how involved your mix needs to be. While the screen dedicated to showing your compression and EQ settings is gone, the metering remains as before.

One of Liquid Mix’s most popular elements was its hardware control surface, which allowed tweaking of all important software parameters and even provided visual feedback of its own in the form of a front panel screen.


It works great and sounds great. The proprietary DSP allows the liquuid “Dynamic Convolution” processing that is at the core of the product, to have very little impact on the host computer’s CPU.

Across the board the compressors hold up to other DAW plugins.


The subject of this review is Liquid Mix 16 which at first glance looks extremely similar to the original Liquid Mix, save for that screen. We’ve always been a fan of this on Liquid Mix as Focusrite has taken it seriously.

luquid Focusrite’s Liquid Mix was originally released in to wide acclaim. Housed in a desktop control surface with its own DSP, the system is connected to a computer via FireWire.

Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 – FireWire DSP Processor LIQUID MIX 16

Upon arriving I set it up and everything was installed properly, I opened the unit in logic and everything loaded except the actual emulations. All of this is achieved courtesy of the relationship between the plug-ins themselves and the hardware unit which controls them, which is where the processing is carried out. For example, the high-pass filter can be taken from a Focusrite MKII emulation for band one, the low-mid parametric from a Neve emulation for band two, a mid-band from an API emulation for band three and so on until band seven Powered from the FireWire bus.

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