Comment 16 Andy Pengelly Hmm, the controller could have mistaken two isochronous packets for one, or the camcorder could have wrongly sent two packets as one, I don’t know I typically can capture for slightly longer with test-dv from libiecutils, but it usually ends up hanging as well. Now, I know you could not care less for my reports of the old stack. Creative Labs physical id:

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Established connection over channel 63 send oops send oops send oops send oops “” 0. Comment 1 Jarod Wilson We still have to fix a permissions issue This also worked without problems – perfect video.

Thanks for fixing this – whoever you are. The process we are following is described here: One is on the motherboard, the other is a 3 port PCI card that I had laying around. Only one instance per dvgrab run and in no particular time during the run. Apparently somebody fixed this while we didn’t look. Comment 20 Jarod Wilson Comment 14 Stefan Richter This is just to ascertain that the HW can function in different scenarios and to add to fireewire general weirdness ;- The kernel output above frewire also hint some corner cases in the old stack that we might miss in the new if anyone firewore make sense of it.


Comment 13 Stefan Richter Now, I know you could not care less for my reports of the old stack.

VIA VT | Via VT 4 Port Pci FireWire Card

A timing issue is definitely a possibility — the bulk of the latency was in the packet handling routine, which might have meant the queue function was actually able to fire back up fast enough to keep enough packets queued up. I am currently 45 minutes into grabbing tape one and no problems. Using the following configuration: Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard.

Comment 10 Jarod Wilson Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. I have doubts that it will help though because iso reception does stop very early. I tried again under windows.

Comment 18 Vic Ricker Comment 31 Jarod Wilson With older kernels, the controller silently stopped to initiate isochronous cycles carf this condition occurred. Grabbing performance was not consistent, though. Comment 12 Stefan Richter Regression in a new firewire-patch which isn’t in git yet.


But if your camera is failing with the Via controllers, the Audigy controller and the TI controller, then there’s something else going on too. Not wanting to copy the stuff to the editing box afterwards, I nfs mounted the other and grabbed directly to the other box’ HD.

VIA Vt 2 1-port IEEE FireWire PCI Controller Card Cables Short Bracket | eBay

Comment 26 Robin Theander The Google index contains only few mentions of “isochronous cycle too long”, carf that’s because kernels before 2. Wonder if Dan has any insight into what the two might be doing differently I have a few things I want to try on my Via controllers, but of course, the VT is working just fine in the box I threw it in here at home for poking over the weekend.

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