Is reported to use the E5 chipset. Please contact me if you own this scanner. Imprinter, barcode, custom gamma and multistream unsupported. The –gamma-correction switch controls the scanne internal gamma correction. The –brightness switch controls the brightness of the scan. A scanner that is not recognized may default to the function level B3, which means that not all functions that the scanner may be capable of are accessible.

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Use this feature only if you know what you are doing!

This information hasn’t been pulled yet. The –resolution switch selects the resolution for a scan. See link for details.

Printer: Epson PX-A | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

YannUbuntu yannubuntu wrote on Vald options are None, Red, Green and Blue. Not supported until now.

If the scanner is not even recognized as an EPSON scanner it is probably because the device name eported by the scanner is not in the correct format.

The –brightness switch controls the brightness of the scan. Pascal De Vuyst pascal-devuyst on Valid options are “yes” and “no”. Looks similar to Primascan Colorado u. The function level a scanner supports is determined during the initialization of the device. If you want to write px-a260 backend, contact him see link. The larger the brightness value, the brighter the image gets.


Support sponsored by cncsolutions http: The –speed option can improve the scan speed in monochrome mode. Same as Microtek Scanport I did not find the A driver in http: Only scanners with product id 0x will work; try the gt68xx backend, if your scanner has product id 0x The default is “yes”.

One report that it crashes the computer. Valid options are the numbers from -3 to 3.

EPSON-Printer PX-A620 scan&copy

The default is “no”. The long-term plan is to support all the cameras supported by the gphoto2 libraries currently over models. By reading the image data from right to left the image is mirored.

The –preview-speed options will increase the scan speed if this is supported by the scanner. All resolution and mode supported, front- and backside side-by-side, with backside mirrored horizontally. BearPaw TA Pro.

PrintHand. List of Supported Printers.

In this case it could be supported by the mustek SCSI backend. Such features would be better implemented in a separate stand-alone tool. All buttons and sensors are exposed. An integer number starting at the beginning of a line will be interpreted as the IO address of the parallel port.


The dropout color is used for monochrome scanning and selects the color that is not scanned. This is the same device as the 0xc P, but the mode switch on the scanner is in the wrong position, you must move the switch.

The Binary mode is black and white only, Gray will produce up to levels of gray and Color means 24 bit color mode. This is the same device as the 0x P, but the mode switch on the scanner is in the wrong position, you must move the switch.