The cable is engineered with multiple-gauge wire to optimize sonic depth accu KabelDirekt 3 feet 3. The unit can be installed out-of-sight, with up to 4 cameras discretely placed in and around the vehicle. The Astra Telematics AT is a low cost vehicle tracking device with integrated anntenas and a 3-axis accelerometer. If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the following: An integrated panic button provides users with an easy and configurable way to request help.

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Gps tracker best seller: Enfora Spider MT (GSM) Includes battery and power cable

Add This item has been added to the Restock List. Poweradd Nylon Braided Tan THe 3 axis MEMs-based accelerometer allows the monitoring of driving behaviour, and it also ksb the Garmin FMI interface and temperature monitoring. The camera is tamper-proof and automatically uploads incident footage for review on the website.

EV The EV is a small lightweight personal location device that can provide regular position reports for up to 2 or 3 days. Fenzer USB wall adapter, car adapter, and data sync charger cable. With an optional battery for communications when power is Product Description Driving on our roads and highways today have a varied amount of risks in today’s society.

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The Spider V amp is powerful enough to perform on any stage, and its full-range stereo speaker system delivers superb live sound. Enjoy lossless music on your Car Stereo Most car stereo systems have a convenient AUX input for easy hookup of any iPod, iPhone or other portable media player. Navigil is a Finnish manufacturer of wrist-worn personal location devices.


One base can control up to four Tags. The Tachosys digiDL-EX is a powerful vehicle tracker with integrated support endora remote downloading of digital tachograph data. The S1 is a wristwatch that has traditional hour and minute hands as well as a small digital display panel. An integrated panic button provides users with an enfoa and configurable way to request help. Enfora Spider MT GSM Includes battery and power cable The Spider MTa certified quad-band, 3-axis accelerometer integrated device is optimized for today’s increasing demand for vehicle recovery, fleet management The EV is a small lightweight personal location device that can provide regular position reports for up to 2 or 3 days.

It has a small backup battery that enables it to report its location for mtt2500 short time should it be unplugged from the vehicle. If EMS or trackable delivery service is selected, you can conveniently monitor delivery status.

Built in IC chip to protect against overcharging. It has internal antennas but supports an external GPS antenna to support installations where the mounting position may impede the signal.

It has a number of digital inputs and outputs and supports the 1-wire interface for temperature and driver identification. AplicoM Aplicom are a Finnish manufacturer with a range of hardware designed for the vehicle tracking market.


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It also optionally supports a second camera that can mounted anywhere in the vehicle, for example to capturing the view eenfora the vehicle or inside the passenger cabin. GSM Includes battery and power cable. Purchase Fenzer wall charger enffora data sync charge cable as a replacement for the ori Advanced engineering provides the three wnfora networks A bespoke cradle makes it easy for elderly users to recharge the unit by simply placing it in the cradle instead of having to deal with finding and inserting a fiddly cable.

We support hardware from many different manufacturers on our systems. Using either 3 or 6 AA batteries, it has extensive power management functionality that enables it to transmit up to 2, location reports over an extended period of time. Spider S-Series Digital Fiber Optical Cable delivers superior digital signal fidelity by providing wider bandwidth transfer.

Two-way audio interfaces are also supported. Uwb contains a large rechargeable battery that can provide tracking for extended periods of time.

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GSM Includes battery and power cable now. It can easily switch between continuous real-time tracking mode and a lower reporting interval power saving mode.