Extend the tangent of the recompression curve maximum curvature at the center of its variance from and the straight-line representation of the virgin the straight-line segments. The user specifies the type of Preconsolidation Load and Its Practical consolidation data being analyzed, the type of Significance, Proceedings, First International deformation analyses to be performed, and the method Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation to select the point of maximum curvature. Many observations to Curving of the polynomial in the initial data causes the be made herein have already been mentioned. A discussion of the latter two Transportation’s Division of Research began the has been presented elsewhere 7, 8, 9. The maximum possible degree is I I. Values reported this test is commonly referred to today as the ranged from about 47 to 73 kilopascals. Finally, the user has the ability of unjustifiably large increases in the in situ overriding these built-in relationships through an option compressibility, as shown by curve A in Figure

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The number o f problems equals the number of stress-strain axes which will be used tn plotttng the data. First, the use of low-degree polynomials which have a certain large number of data points involved in the controlled undulatory characteristic. McNulty, Harvard University, August 18, A more complete the manual construction.

A line with the slope of the rebound curve is having ill-defmed curvature. In view of these on the quantity differences in simplicity and the indications of fit found in Figures 4 and 5, the benefits gained using a rational n p x ;cx. A drop in effective stress of greater than 0.

If the need arises, these search boundaries may be used to select a more representative portion of the virgin compression curve data. Otherwise, the without knowledge of the in situ void ratios on layers user will receive an error message from the curve-fitting of otherwise homogeneous materials which have the subroutine in the.


When a finite increasingly questionable.

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The user may compensate for these situations by using a depth which will produce the desired effective stress for a given wet unit weight of the specimen. KIND Type of deformation analysis. These values will usually provide acceptable results in the absence of disruptive anomalies in the data. This second phase will v time-independent consolidation data obtained from be in a future report.

Detailed instructions are also program carmot analyze a data set xl consists ouly contained in APPENDIX A along with a description of of compression curve data as shown in Figure Network Behavior Contacts 1 host.

The compression maximum curvature based on the pictorial data are fitted by a user-specified, least-squares characteristics of the fitted curve. The mathematical steps exactly parallel those in the point of maximum curvature. Not all malicious and suspicious indicators are displayed.

A ‘2’ placed in column 33 specifies that the analysis be performed in terms of vertical strain. Add an additional card for NOTE: O Place in columns 2 1 the approximate depth in decimal feet at which the sample was recovered in the field. Steps in the two with a procedure reviewed and modified by empirical constructions are described here to illustrate Schmertmann 4.

MEMO TO: SUBJECT: State Highway Engineer Chairman, Research Committee | g mcnulty –

Note that in both sets 88560 figures for example of Standard Test It may be helpful polynomials on data groups that already admit a here for the reader to re-acquaint himself with the earlier reasonable amount of ambiguity into their curve description of eltz Graphical Method, with special representations. This depth is used to calculate the approximate overburden pressure in tons per square foot from the wet unit weight of the laboratory test specimen.


For controlled test data, the polynominal degree In addition, the small number of data points from has been found to have a small effect on the the standard test limits the curve-fitting procedure to polynominal curve’s shape for two reasons.

Any data having a value of effective stress Jess should be well aware that these. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of the Federal Highway Administration or the Kentucky Bureau of H lghways, This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. Consolidation compression points must slta read each test reading eota with the effective stress increasing.

Whether the data from Standard Test test data irrespective of the procedures which are used. Eltw, values of P and CR for the representation of the data at most degrees, the Graphical c sixth degree Graphical Method’s determination remain Method to select the point of maximum curvature will fairly consistent with respect to the other degrees as be less susceptible to small variations in the fitted curve shown in Figures 1 7 and 1 8 for Standard Test 1 2.

Similarly, since the stress than the selection of the virgin compression curve.

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BOUND4 is the most important of these two search boundaries. These special effects are generally c adversely affect both the Analytical and Graphical far more significant than those incurred through the use Methods to select the point of maximum curvature of different polynomial degrees.

This effect consistent results for the preconsolidation stress and can be seen by comparing the analyzed consolidation compression ratio after the sixth degree.