With those drives came a great opportunity to incorporate them into an off site storage solution. Especially when considering the smaller 2. System Requirements OS Required. Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz. Eagle has stashed that said key under the external drive stand, a simple bent piece of metal that is inserted into a small hole, much like the mechanism you’ll find on the manual release for a CD drive. Then eSATA hit the scene and geeks everywhere rejoiced for finally we had an external connection which would be just as fast as an internally connected hard drive.

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Or choose door No. Overall A sturdy, simple aluminum design, the choice to carry the external safely, I may add or keep it stirage, and a hot swap system that allows for multiple hard drive transfers with no tools.

Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26, Hard drive bays come in all shapes, sizes, features, and functions. Hard and soft edges along with some color contrasts bring attention to them aesthetically yet somehow still maintain a simple appearance. After having conducted various reviews on these types of external enclosures you will see a pattern emerging. More like in a James Bond secret compartment way. The external bay is packaged in a rectangular box, twice the size of the actual bay to allow for the inclusion of accessories, and the Eagle Consus has quite a few.


Eagle Consus N-Series External Enclosure (ET-CSNSU2-BK) | Bruceleeon’s Weblog

Interior Impressions – 6: So anything above, obviously, is not supported. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Consus is also unique in its exclusion of wall AC adapter; this external runs purely off the power of your PC.

The lack of speed is certainly not the fault of the hard drives which are used in them as they are the same ones which we use in our computers every day. Storage by Rick Broida Nov 12, You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Cyber Monday Newegg: In the beginning it, was USB 1.

Once the drive is in, the door simply snaps back, locks, and you’re set to hook it up. However, the Consus does have a serious ceiling when it comes to capacity compatibility; not being able to use anything over GB may fall a little short for the cknsus advance users, but be just right for those casual.


External Storage System Eagle CONSUS N-series IDE to USB 2.0 Enclosure

Storage by Rick Broida Oct 24, The lock feature is a great idea, both eagl security and accident-proof reasons. What exactly are important in a good external hard drive adapter?

That being said, I absolutely must do this with some style. Eagle Tech Consus B-Series. Tuesday, 11 August You are commenting using your WordPress.

In other words, while they may be well known to industry insiders, many products they help build which we have come to know and love have a different logo on them. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Performance Tests – 9: Adam Packaging This part is fairly simple. Testing Methodology – 8: This part is fairly simple.

Eagle Tech Consus M Hard Drive Enclosure Review

The data transfer rate through USB conss. However, a lock always needs a key. While Eagle Tech may not be a household name they have been in business since but only as a behind the scenes supplier to OEM manufacturers. Exterior Impressions – 5: