It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Upgrading the Firmware Version of This Printer Our company provides the tool to upgrade the version of the software built into this printer known as firmware from the computer. This may shrink the images automatically as required. Font Size Specifies the font size. System Settings Low Power Mode At such times, SurplusToner.

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Duplo DP-205 User Guide

Multiple Up A feature to print multiple pages on a piece of paper. Printing will be performed only when the password duppo to the PDF file to be printed matches the password specified here. Toner may not fuse properly on the paper, resulting in dirty and poor quality printouts. You can still print about another pages even when this message is displayed.

Duplo Duprinter DP Manuals

Print a few pages to remove the dp-2055. Clear jam and close Cover A used. The drum might be damaged. If a sheet of paper is wrapped around the heat roller, do not try to remove it by yourself to avoid injuries or burns. Regular Notice Notifies the conditions leading to errors that need to be attended by user.


The toner is not fixed on the paper. Setting Permitted Domain You can configure this printer such that it only receives e-mails from specific domains.

To use IPP, select [Enable] for this setting. Push the paper transport section and paper trays completely back into the printer. Blank sheets inserted by the application will be counted as 1 page. Download the necessary fonts when using PostScript optional.


On the control panel, change the paper size of the tray to [Custom] and then specify the paper size for Commercial Ruplo Size Specifies the paper size to be printed. Alert Tone Specifies whether to turn on the alarm when an error occurs in the printer. Paper tray one location Pull out the paper tray and clean the feed roll.

Preface Downloaded from ManualsPrinter. The [ContentsBridge] dialog box appears. This list can be printed when the hard disk optional has been installed. The default is [10 Mins]. Load the correct type of paper.


Duplo DP master problem

Check the print parameters. Resolution Describes the fineness of graphics. The default is [64]. The [Help] window will be displayed. Check the memory dp-2005 of [LPD Spool] and compare it with the print data which was sent in the single print instruction.

Multiple feeding of dup,o may occur before the sheets of paper loaded in the tray are used up. The additional memory optional MB must be installed.

Set to Print Stop to Cancel Initializing PostScript This is displayed when the PostScript software kit optional is installed and indicates that the printer system is being initialized. The screen display is distorted. In the [ContentsBridge] dialog box, click [Exit]. Set the paper size indicator to the size of the transparencies.