But it sure is fun! Anyways, this is exactly what and why I was trying to explain earlier that the Shipt model may turn out to be a bit shady IS in so much as that it appears they were wishy-washy on “to tip, or not to tip” That’s almost the cost of all my utilities per month! Not meaning to ramble about how we “got here” with these half-price minimum wages From your shopping lists, you can quickly add frequently purchased items to your cart without searching through the store’s digital aisles to find that gallon of milk or daily cup of Yoplait.

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HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. But on really busy days, like Saturday, I may not be able to get a time slot until Sunday from PM. Do you want your eggs out for delivery on a two hour hot car ride? If her class is within the service area for Shipt I can have my Shipt shopper meet me in the parking lot so that I don’t have to rush home to meet her.

On the other hand, when one thinks of the time and effort saved by the customer it is well worth a nice tip. Keep in mind that with Shipt, you can only use a debit or credit card as your payment method, and only one card can be used per purchase.

Shipt — Do shoppers accept tips?

The most pleasant girl did my shopping and I had some special requests in that first order such as kale “sets” which are seasonal plants for the garden and larger than normal distilled water jugs for the battery banks, etc. Shipt itself has sales and then you’re also able to shop the store’s sales too.


I know for a fact that my delivery people offer almost every time to bring the groceries right into my house. No or at least not deliberately. I just haven’t seen this on really any site Shipt or other, but maybe I’m looking shipr the wrong places, I tend to be stupid most of the timeI’m not saying you’re lying, just that most sites I’ve shiph seem to tell a different story, even “independent” sites with testimonials and anecdotal evidence seem to tell a different story.

Alcohol is one thing that is not an option at every store or city as well as cigarettes, cigars, and other age-restricted items.

I live alone and am having surgery. No, Shipt will not deliver cigarettes or any other tobacco products because of legalities.

How can we help?

What state are you in, and what percent of the time would you say that you receive tips? Definitely give Shipt a try, I’m still using them will actually put in an order this afternoon and I can’t foresee ever not utilizing them.

I mean, I’ve had long-term, multi-time repeat Dl which suggest my tips, are at the least, reasonable who shilt mentioned quitting other jobs because the flexibility and pay was too good to pass up anecdotal, yes, but their version of events are, at the very least, just as valid as an anonymous person on Reddit, right? That’s my whole life story in a nutshell I have had Shipt deliver from Meijer 4 times so far.


Shipt — How much do I tip?

You’d think that the degree heat and unbearable humidity would garner a little bit of empathy but people don’t give a shit about you honestly. LOL I don’t drive so this is quite a godsend. I would so be willing to tip extra for this. I get the occasional generous tipper and those people make my day!

xhipt It is not a pleasant job for many reasons. Before your start your “shopping trip” just pick which store you’ll be purchasing from. A lot of people tipped later on.

And yes, math is still whack AF, always, and in all ways. Now that you’re registered, you can browse the stores available in your service area. Rip, I will assume you are accurate in your statements about how wages are determined.

Should You Tip Meijer Shipt Shoppers? How Much? [Poll]

And, I would be ready to quit my job, based on BAD information! This can make things difficult to get a foot in with the nicer orders as a new shopper. Yes, Shipt shoppers will bring the groceries inside your home for you if you ask. Shop Clearance by Brand. This is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. It really depends on which stores are participating in your town. Ghe always looked for ways to simplify grocery shopping.