Is there a way to save the SilkTest result file to a remote location automatically? How can I obtain the name of the options set SilkTest is using during execution? How can SilkTest take testcase results and convert these into a testplan? Checked ‘ redirect to Default. IsEnabled does not exist for Silk4J objects. How can SilkTest be used to get the “sourceIndex” of Html objects within a webpage? Is it possible to access methods from one SilkTest include file from multiple machines running scripts in parallel?

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Ik002 there a way SilkTest can run a test by directly using the compiled version of the testscript, thereby eliminating the need to compile before every test run? Navigate has not been registered. How can SilkTest retrieve data from a single cell in an Excel spreadsheet? There the database connected nice and easily.

– ERROR [IM] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] on Windows XP – Stack Overflow

Why does SilkTest hang after completing a testcase on my dotNet 2. Determining the item names and item texts of a SapContextMenu. How can SilkTest spawn threads to test different webpages in one testcase? How can I ensure that SilkTest tests all links within my web application apart from links that I specify not to be tested? Is there any alternative to adding a comment to a SilkTest testplan results file other than through the “comment” keyword?


ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

How to increase timeout settings for Find method in SilkTest? How do I export custom results to an Excel file? How can SilkTest access sub-objects of an ActiveX control?

Silk Test is unable to sync with my application correctly which contains an embedded Internet Explorer browser. There are no istallation instructions. How can I drag and drop an item in a listview if I don”t know which column the item will be in? Invalid handle” microsoff using IniFile functions.

Does SilkTest support Eiffel applications out of the box? How can I use the SilkTest file functions to add information to the beginning of a file?

This is what it is showing even though the data source have been connected properly with the gateway. The “FindWindow ” function does not return any window identifiers for user-defined classes.

Window is not unique” be resolved”? After restarting the SilkTest Open Agent diwg causes the Java techdomain extension to be periodically dropped. It works on the Windows 7 but not the XP, so that’s why I didn’t think it would be that, but I’ll definitely ovbc if you tell me how.


How do I capture declarations at runtime and pass them to a text file? An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. Why do I receive the error “HY Mmicrosoft odbc excel driver unknown is not a valid path ” when executing my scripts remotely?

How can SilkTest close a skinned window if the close button is not recognised? Debug, isolate and pinpoint a TestPartner playback issues.

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When installing, SilkTest hangs on the updating registry screen, how do I resolve this? What file types are specifically used by SilkTest? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and diah our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

If you are on at least 9. Capture the message from Firefox alert boxes. How do you check a list is sorted correctly? How can I log in users sequentially using a spreadsheet?