As always, our support team is on hand to help you with any difficulties or questions you may have with this driver. Copy the file test. If the driver requires multiple files, separate the complete file paths with semi-colons. A JDBC driver is a collection of Java classes and possibly native software that handles the process of connecting to and communicating with a database. Now make sure php.

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After selecting the connection type, the next step is to enter the driver and database information.

Derby Database ODBC Connection – Stack Overflow

DBW Directory changes may not be effective until the directory cache is refreshed. Moira Casey Published on September 30, Copy the file test. If the connection is not successful, an error message received from the JDBC driver will be displayed. Therefore, RazorSQL can connect to these databases out of the box. Enter the Uncatalog fnode command: Then open a browser and enter http: First, identify the host and port that the remote database is running on.

RazorSQL – Connecting to Databases using JDBC or ODBC

To reconfigure the driver: If configuring remote client access, specify the client machine name instead of localhost. Consult your database documentation for more information on transactions, rollbacks, and commits.


Easysoft provided excellent support and advice on the launch of our new data infrastructure. If the database has a oodbc port and is set up to listen on the default port, this value can usually be left blank. The auto commit field is used to determine whether RazorSQL should automatically send a commit to the database after each query is executed.

If necessary, replace these with the names used in your system. The commands shown above will fail if the node or database is already catalogued.

ODBC to read data on Derby db

For Windows, select the PHP 4. In the Host name field, specify the host name of the Operations Center server.

To check if the previous steps worked correctly to create the ODBC data source for the DB1 database, issue this command:. In the Database Name and Database Alias fields, enter mosql.

If the database is running on the local machine, this value would be ratabase or The java command for starting ij on the Network Server is shown below, but for readability, it is split across several lines:. Not all versions of PHP available at www. Some databases may not support transactions or dfrby. It datxbase used to access any data from any application, regardless of the database management system DBMS that handles the data.


For more information about where to find JDBC drivers for specific database products, see the following web page:. Your configuration for PHP is now complete, now let’s execute a simple script from the command line to test our set up. If the database server is not listening on the default port, the prepopulated value will need to be changed. The following fields may be shown depending on your previous selections:.

The vendor specific data communication details are handled by the JDBC driver. For information on how to get connected to a particular database, please see the following: The examples use a database dstabase mosql and a node name fnode. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. This section shows how to provide all this information by cataloging the node.