The data will be aligned with the first channel. This trigger mode does not use pre- nor post- trigger length The minimum throughput rate for other 1xx is: To enable multiple channels on DI, you must provide the Key before you Start the device. This method must be invoked before Start.

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Invalid key to DI! Specify the Dataq serial data acquisition device model number you are going to use or find out which one you are currently using.

DATAQ Instruments Hardware and Software Manuals

No need to enable digital channels in scanlist. GetData ensures waveform data continuity by passing a continuous stream of data to your program.

Please refer to DI protocol or DI protocol for more detail. There are multiple functions for this property. To enable a digital channel, you need to use codes like this:. Both bit and bit Windows runs bit applications properly.

Data Logger Starter Kit

Datzq programming interface, UltimaSerial ActiveX project is now in frozen state, meaning no more development to support newer Dataq USB device nor to improve its functionality for existing products. To catch the Maximum reading of a specified channel in the duration of the test from the moment Start method is invoked to the moment of this method is invokedadd to the valid channel count mentioned above.


All Valid Trigger Channel: The sample rate dataqq how fast the sampled data is reported per channel. CommPort Reads serial port Variable: The availability of a transitional counters can be found in here.

When Ultimaserial is first loaded, the channel allocation table is 1, 2, 3, Invalid COMM port For most C programmers, a variant of integer array returned by GetData is not what they would like to handle. The data will be aligned with the first channel.

We highly suggest DataqSDK. This method must be invoked after Start Applicable Devices: ChannelCount Reads the number of currently enabled channels Variable: The minimum throughput rate for other 1xx is: If none is found, the return value is In this case, you should use Timer to pace the acquisition Syntax: NET Class if you are starting a new project on products supported by the class.

Original channel count is unmodified PGain index changes P rogrammable Gain table.


Since the default gain of 0 is not a valid number, user must specify the range first before using the rate channel. The default value for fi-194rs index is 0.

Data Acquisition and Data Logger Hardware and Software Manuals

To access the data returned by GetData, you can take a look at the following example If you are using VB. Di-194rz DI and DI, the rate channel has gain control. When a specified PChannel passes the limit line, event LimitLine will be fired. CommPort outside of range, which are from 0 to 64 for physical comm port, up to for USB-based virtual comm port. One frame is equivalent to one sample from every active channel.

PreTriggerLength integer specifies the number of scans before the trigger point, 0 to scans can be specified default: