Page Page – H. ON delivery cooling fan FM11 drive signal 0 1: Remove all traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring. DC power cut relay RL3. ON P01C 15 not used 14 not used 13 main motor reversal signal 12 main motor M4 drive signal 0: Figure 6 Peel off the leading edge of the transfer drum sheet.

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ON 10 pickup roller 1 solenoid SL7 1: Post-cleaning charging area potential as measured when the dark area attenuation is measured.

ON P 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 not used Bk toner level sensor TS4 signal not used not used Y toner level sensor TS3 signal not used C toner level sensor TS2 not used M toner level sensor TS1 signal waste toner feedscrew locked detecting switch SW7 signal waste toner case full sensor PS68 signal not used fixing oil level sensor PS 10 signal fixing upper cleaning belt length sensor PS 11 signal fixing lower cleaning belt length sensor PS67 signal not used not used 0: Reasons to update the descriptions in the previous documentation covering modification of functions and correction of typographical mistakes.

A full turn of the screw will shift the charging wire by about 0.

Canon CLC 1120, 1130, 1150 Service Manual

Vd2 is at the upper measurement limit. Release the deck When the deck Deck open P assembly while in assembly is open, sensor standby. Check to make sure that all attachments are available. Is there foreign matter? Waste toner collection control Detecting a waste toner case full condition. If the movement is not smooth, adjust the position of the photosensitive drum fixing shaft using the drum shaft positioning tool FY Paper Deck As of December No.


Remove all traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring. At this time, use the graduation [3] on the latch plate as a guide.

Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

Y, M, C, Bk. Sensors and Switches 2. Attach the label behind the right front cover for future reference. The environment sensor calibration tool TN is adjusted at the factory to high precision. Refer to the construction of the CLC When ‘1’, SL8 turns on. The photosensitive drum is vulnerable to strong light, and exposure to cannon light for an appreciable period of time will lead to white spots or black bands on copies.

Take adequate care when performing the work that follows. Use it to enter a transfer drum side B attraction timing adjustment value.

This item uses the source of paper selected before starting service mode. SW4 once again, and make sure that LED5 has turned on. Keep wrapped, and protect against moisture. Printed in Japan Imprime an Japon Use of this manual should be strictly supervised to avoid disclosure of confidential information.


Canon CLC/CLCR Black OEM Toner Cartridge – 6, Pages

Indicates the state of connection of the sorter. STIR-4 Use it to stir the developer in the four developing assemblies in sequence.

CLC Solenoids 1. Actual number of copies. Do NOT use drum cleaning powder. Check the height of each charging wire.

Use it to adjust the separation re-charging on environment adjustment value for single-sided copying and copying on the 1st side of a double- sided copy using special paper 2.

Use it so that the output images from the controller Selection for Printer match the types of originals used. Backing Up the RAM At time of shipment from the factory, each machine is adjusted individually and its adjustment values are recorded on the service label one of the two labels attached to the service data sheet cover behind the front cover.

If PS10 does not detect fixing oil for about 10 sec, the copier will indicate the Add Fixing Oil message on its control panel.