For Windows XP users only: Startup instruction Measurement data monitoring with testo Saveris SBE Startup instruction 2 1 System requirements 1 System requirements Operating system The software can be run on the following bit and bit operating More information. This impairs accuracy of the time system. Instructions on editing files are found at these points. Vector Informatik GmbH assumes no liability for correct contents or damages which are resulted from the usage of the documentation.

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Then carefully pull the PC-board out of the housing. Your actions can therefore lead to severe personal damages or damages to property. Cncase you have already inserted or connected the device to the PC, the Windows found new Hardware wizard appears.

In this case the loy file created via a re-import by the ASCII import converter contains some signals with the same signal name. Torch Christian, Thank You for information, but unfortunately on your website are not enough information available, so i cannot compare.

The serial number of the log device is displayed in brackets. Ensure, that your ECU is connected and running.


Closes the dialog, after conversion has been finished. Here the user inputs the character to be used, e. The tool gives you information on the connected and installed Vector devices.

Critical data rate, but no messages are lost. Support Package Installer installs this support package.

You may set baud rates, logging triggers and filters and manage logging files on the SD card. Filters a message by a symbolic name. This trigger action is only available in the context menu right click on the list view Modify action Send message. Active if error events occur on the bus. Device is booting in Logger Mode. Remove the FlexRay cable if it is connected.

Each of the two Piggybacks is fastened by a screw and retainer. Checks the configuration for valid settings, e. Symbol Utilization Here you can obtain supplemental information.


Starts logging on SD card with set pre and post trigger times. If an explicit label of trademarks, which are used in this documentation, fails, should not mean that a name is free of third party rights. The trigger input is low active, i. I cannot find one on the market.

Vector CANcaseXL log Manuals

Onsight Management Suite Version 5. The filter settings block all received messages except for the specific message which is logged.


Time-stamp 0 reference This option enables the resetting of the events time stamps. Torch Peter, I wrote directly by email and also got contacted from Vector and looks like that for many issues there will be solution soon.

The symbolic name of the added xancase can be changed every time by double clicking it and selecting another symbolic name from the dialog.

The tool gives you information on the connected and installed Vector devices. If you do not have a supported release or the required base products, you can get started with a free trialor you can purchase products. Click [Next] in the driver setup dialog. Each new trigger will create a separate logging range separate file with a previously specified buffer range.

Notes The windows in the actual software may differ somewhat from those shown in this manual.