Temperature sensor Thermistor to detect 3. Connector Pin Assignment Pin No. Paper size sensor NO Confirm the wiring and connector of the heater. Operation Procedures 1 Press the power button to turn on the printer while holding down the Secure Print, Back and Set buttons. Main controller board Fig. YT Y toner cartridge C:

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Size of the paper loaded in the upper or lower cassette is indicated as follows; Indication is displayed from the left in the order of broother upper cassette, lower cassette 1 and lower cassette 2.

Focus lens for the laser beam. The setting in the main PCB is changed.

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A4 size cassette is installed. The following caution label is attached near the laser unit. To provide the printer with the high voltage power brotehr necessary for the printing process. The controller utilizes a borther speed bit RISC microprocessor and special hardware chips, which provides a very fast processing speed.


Duplex unit inside x Change media. Is there any contact failure due to damaged connector of fusing unit? OPC belt cartridge OPC belt cartridge d 8: Print speed Monochrome mode: The color of the incorrectly installed toner cartridge will be indicated as follows; Y: Data LED orange blinks for approx. Do not disassemble, recharge or dispose of in fire.

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Used for steel parts fitted to steel plates. Rear access cover DPL: Metal plate Waste toner feeder L Fig. Before starting any work on this printer, make sure you have read and understand the warnings set out in this manual. Envelope brotjer Cassette base Hook Fig. The following message appears. Excessive loading of media over the upper limit will result in paper feed jams or print quality problems.

This manual consists of the following chapters: The power consumption figure quoted for sleep mode is when the fan has stopped. YES Replace brothdr toner cartridge. Lock Panel If the panel button settings have been changed, the printer may not broyher as expected. Since the current model is compatible with HP LaserJet 4, the setting is added, which disables the compatibility with HP LaserJet 4 and makes the priority of the dpi bitmap font high. Paper exit unit DRUM: It can be reprinted by selecting a document from the control panel or the browser.


NO Continue to drive the engine. Rear access cover LFU: The message above indicates that the paper feeding roller and separator pad in the original media cassette should be replaced. brothee

Refer to the list below. Keep the safety signs on the equipment in good condition and ensure none are missing or damaged. This proves that the fusing is insufficient.