Get the machine connected to the internet. At the time of writing, this was linux-backports-modules-cw If that fails to remove the soft block, run sudo rfkill unblock all. Usually only mobile PCs are equipped with killswitches. Stability and performance are usually reported as low. Therefore, it’s of great importance to identify the chipset.

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If that fails to remove the soft block, run sudo rfkill unblock all. I had no luck with all options.

One example of this: However, some steps may be helpful in case you’re running into them and looking for other options. If not, just continue.

Therefore, it’s of great importance to identify the chipset. It may already work in this stage. At the time of writing Edu is the latest release after Precise and the package is linux-image-generic-lts-quantal and boot into your new kernel. This is considered outside the scope of a WiFi wkreless.

Try backported kernel modules drivers from the compat-wireless package. Run sudo lshw -C network in a terminal. The output should help identifying it from the list. This ‘wrapper’ around Windows drivers should be tried as a last resort only, as it’s very inefficient to emulate a Windows environment on Linux for hardware drivers. But I’m not able to install linux-firmware-nonfree on ubuntu The options to get it to work appear to be wirdless huge and I have no clue where to get started!


All relevant unexpected or errors output from the options in this answer. Usually only mobile PCs are equipped with killswitches.

wireless – My WiFi adapter is not working at all, how to troubleshoot? – Ask Ubuntu

The product you have was probably sold using a retail name completely irrelevant to you issue. You might need to install lshw first.

Find the latest ones available by searching with your favourite package management tool. In case you see yes on Soft blocked: The Thinkpad rebrand does usually not affect the hardware support in Linux, but the used chipset does.

EDUP Wifi Driver – Windows

If they were the right drivers, then your wifi will immediately start working. Some mainstream adapters appear to be utterly broken in Linux support, while others just require some simple steps to brosdcom it to work.

See the Hardware requiring special care section at the bottom to see if your broadcmo chipset is listed. See also How do I update Ubuntu?


Install additional firmware as this may be required for your hardware. This should not be necessary as the more recent wireless drivers are provided by the compat-wireless package in the earlier option.

EDUP Wireless Adapters

Try to see if Ubuntu suggests to install additional drivers. Run rfkill list in a terminal. Install both linux-firmware and linux-firmware-nonfree packages, e. What order of things to try is most efficient in terms of time, effort and imposes minimal risk to my Ubuntu installation?

If such output is present, your device is already failing on communication on USB-level. Relevant output of the steps wirelesss in the Identifying the exact hardware section. Refer to How do I install additional drivers?