Prepare for encryption support first part. Exit to user-mode on UD intercept when emulator requires bnc Charging indication is not proper. Fix possible transfer overflow bnc Since we have two different types of reads pagecache and direct we need to process such responses differently after decryption of a packet. Enable encryption during session setup phase FATE Remove unused port type bsc

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bq_battery.c in android_kernel_andypad | source code search engine

Local attackers on systems with modern CPUs featuring deep instruction pipelining could use code patterns in userspace to speculative executive code that would read otherwise read protected memory, an attack similar to CVE Do not leave the block driver in a suspended state bnc Fix another OPEN stateid race bnc Understood you want to use TS voltage to detect battery presence. Fix validity check of pointer size argument in new CAS implementation bnc Handle probe deferral bnc Always give panic severity for UC errors in kernel context git-fixes bf80bbd7dcf5.

Local attackers on systems with modern CPUs featuring branch prediction could use mispredicted branches to speculatively execute code patterns that in turn could be made to leak other non-readable content in the same address space, an attack similar to CVE If bq does not be started when battery plug in, why the PH pin voltage is higher than the battery voltage? Remove unused ‘i’ variable bsc Do not shadow error values bnc Clear prior settings when updating STEs bnc This problem is mitigated by adding speculative fencing on affected code paths throughout the Linux kernel.


Fix register offsets for the IRDA serial port bnc Set the drive phase properly bsc Invalidate ctl on interrupt bsc Clean up debugfs on failure bnc Do not try to update capture stream before running bnc Is calibration procedure necessary for bqg3?

Is there any method to calibrate the battery without using EV Convert vnic server reported statistics to cpu endian fate Limit propagation of parent voltage count and list bsc PCIDE on supported systems bsc Check boottime cmdline params.

This can be done by specifying a mid handle callback. Its running in Android kernel 4.

Device behavior when battery is not available. Allow to switch on encryption with seal mount option FATE Allow to decrypt transformed packets that are bigger than the big buffer size.

In order to support compounding and encryption we need to separate RFC length field and SMB2 header structure because the protocol treats them differently. This update adds mitigations for various side channel attacks against modern CPUs that could disclose content of otherwise unreadable memory bnc The change allows to specify a callback that copies a read payload data into preallocated pages.


We need to process read responses differently because the data should go directly into preallocated pages.

In order to simplify further encryption support we need to separate RFC length and SMB2 header when sending a bq275100. Fix exclusive event reference leak git-fixes dda4ed. Add a function to overwrite the RSB bsc Set NTB format again after altsetting switch for Huawei devices bnc