This indicates that the printer is operating under bidirectional mode. Also, once you have removed the head cap and peeled off the protection tape from a BJ cartridge, either install the BJ cartridge in the printer or store it in the cartridge container to prevent clogging at the nozzles due to ink drying or foreign objects. Lithium Ion Battery Used both as a source of power when AC power is not available and paper guide for manual paper feeding. Occurs after each rewrite data has been transfered. Also occurs when the reserve recharging current is lower than a certain set value while the battery is recharging.

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However, when printing in the paper feed direction is not continuous, since vertical misalignment cr not so noticeable, the printing direction is alternated so that printing is also executed from the opposite carriage direction. BJ Cartridge is Not Recognazed.

The color image is output by 8-bit signals, gradation in each RGB primary color. There are no Recommended Downloads available. If it is, the recharging will begin.

During color printing at a single pass, the different colors printed at the same time overlap, often causing the colors to run. Smoothi ng Di sable 7.

Full text of “Canon BJC Service Manual”

If it is not set, the waste ink full error is not displayed, and ink may leak. Code page Hex No.


Cartridge Mismatch Error The VH output voltage is supplied to the subheater temperature adjustment driver transistor and the nozzle heater temperature adjustment drivers transistor in the BJ cartridge and the paper feed motor driver. Then bnc-50 pump is opened to absorb the ink collected in the cap into the waste ink absorber.

Canon Bjc 50 Windows 7 Driver

Spurs have deformed Use a soft toothbrush to clean. The signal level is detected only when the printer is powered on and when the INIT signal is initialized.

The light rays hit the image and using an imaging lens the reflected light rays are converged onto the BASIS. Activate the scanner driver in the host computer. Occurs after each rewrite data has been transfered.

No rewrite has taken place at de point. There also is a home position edge that shields the home position sensor on the chassis on the back of the carriage.

Clean the paper feed roller and the platen. It then waits for the next data input from the host computer. Automatic emulation switching Di sable 1A. Take special care not to apply grease to the wiper or the cap when greasing the guide shaft.

The ink cartridges must be used within 6 months after the seal is opened. If the carriage does not move to the capping position, remove and wjn the BJ cartridge.


No smearing during paper feeding and discharging. Make sure the scanning document fits within the scanning folder. Occurs when the printer cannot detect the BJ cartridge other than during the cartridge replacement operation.

The flash ROM can be rewritten and hence upgrading has been facilitated. Occurs when the lithium ion battery is not installed in the printer. When the printer is powered up, cd carries out the initial operation, then moves the carriage to the cartridge replacing position center of the printer.

Canon Bjc 50 Windows 7 Driver

The printer detects the level of the ink remaining in the ink cartridge by counting the number of dots ejected, and indicates when the ink runs out.

Technical Reference BjC 2. If you remove the BJ cartridge from the printer and leave it as it is, foreign matters may stick or dry ink may clog the nozzle, making it impossible to use the BJ cartridge.

When rewriting the flash ROM, refer to the settings in Part 3: