It is also popular in Lucid Air plastic which adds bubbles to the rim to lessen the weight, making it great for young players as well. With the stable flight path and glide, this disc golf driver will be a fairway workhorse for ev…. The Innova Star TeeBird3 is an overstable fairway driver. The Trident is back! If the number is negative, then the disc will pull away from the fade direction.

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The Axiom Proton Clash is a stable-overstable fairway driver. By comparison, if one of these players tried to throw an overstable disc the disc would likely hyzer out too earlier.

Looking for an Understable Fairway Driver? These are the best! – Disc Golf Action

Many people have described a lot of discs as a “faster T…. Ahti means the ….

Though Discraft has avoided the use of the 4-number system that Innova introduced and that was adopted by nearly every other brand, the flight path can roughly put overstzble in the border between fairway and distance driver, with an understable release and minimal fade.

This MVP Neutron Shock sports a Skulboy design created by artist Duncan Crawford with gritty skull inspired, comic book, monster-movie-like dark fantasy characters.

Innova Fairwwy – Star. Let the new Christmas Star Teebird3 decide for you. The Dynamic Discs Lucid Moonshine Escape is a slightly overstable fairway driver designed to keep you in the fairway by keeping a true and consistent flight path from beginning to bets of flight. I use this disc for shots over the top of trees, skip shots and high knife-spike shots, its also a great forehand driver.


So, what does understable mean anyway? Its reliable fade also makes the Veteran a trustw…. The Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon is an overstable fairway driver that feels great in your hand and comes out easily. It works great for anhyzers, hyzer flips and rollers.

It is designed to handle the power and arm speed of top professional level players. The fade will never be negative that defies the laws of physics but can range from Zero no fade to overwtable numbers like three or four, which means the disc will want to fade earlier fajrway more dramatically. Though it can be released at a higher speed for additional distance, that -4 turn is very understable, making the disc great for newer players, or it can be handy as a roller for experienced players.

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Fairway Drivers – Overstable

The Dynamic Discs Lucid Thief is a stable to overstable fairway driver. The Pipeline has the control attributes of the Tsunami, the comfort release feel of the Undertow, and a sprinkling of some magic plastic ovegstable for safe measure makin…. It was designed to be the work horse for accurate fairway drives with dependable fade and stable performance in the….

For higher arm speed players, this disc works well for turn over shots and hyzer flips. So, if you find yourself overpowering an understable driver, then it is time to move to a more overstable disc with more fade.


This Westside disc has a lot of turn and glide making it the ideal disc for a newer player. I throw max overshable, or so controlled.

The XXX is sincerely for the “big guns” and not for children. Its a definite Professional Level Fairway Driver.

Looking for an Understable Fairway Driver? These are the best!

The Leopard is considered one of the quintessential drivers for beginners. Prodigy F1 – Series. The Discmania C-Line FD3 is an overstable fairway driver that can be appreciated and trusted in all conditions. This tradition was started in the sixteenth century when the Swedish…. The Dynamic Discs Fuzion Felon is an overstable fair….

Beet can I use these discs for? The Hest 64 Gold Saint Pro is an overstable fairway driver that is the big brother of the Saint with added stability for the more experienced player.

Rairway Innova Champion Metal Flake TeeBird is an overstable fairway driver and one of Innova’s most accurate and reliable disc golf drivers. Send a private message to in4d.