It might seem that a more rounded face would make it less accurate, but the secret is in the spin. First of all, the Tensei White is a heavier shaft 79g that will launch the ball lower, with low torque, and less spin. They released the G — Series back in , and will continue to do so likely until late , early Overall, the Launcher does its name proud and gets the ball down the middle with plenty of height and distance. By allowing players to adjust the loft of their driver using an adjustable hosel, manufacturers are able to alter the height, carry and spin of a driver. If we’re being honest, everybody’s favorite golf club is a shiny, new driver, right?

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The best golf drivers for 2018

Better players will appreciate the high level of adjustability offered by the Rogue Sub Zero Driver which might also be the best low spin driver on the market, and the Rogue Draw Driver will help beginners with their slice. 440cd not only optimize the club for pure strikes but also do everything they can to keep every shot playable without negatively impacting the consistent ballstrikers.

It comes with a cc clubhead. Compare their performance, then compare the prices. Now, let’s check out the gorgeous C driver. My driver doesn’t look as big as others in the cc range and I don’t hit it as consistent as my old cc.


Ping, more than any other Manufacturer is prizing increasing speed, as well as control.

What golfers need to know. How to Pick bext Best Driver for Your Game Picking out a new driver can be as simple as buying the the coolest looking or the one your favorite tour pro plays.

Notice that not one company is dominating, and there are benefits to every driver here.

The best golf drivers for

The LS Tec is suited for a driver who wants a lower spin rate, which the driver provides by have a slightly forward center of gravity. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Remember to keep it straight, and play great. Titleist is normally known for making equipment targeting low-handicap golfers. What if you get the settings wrong? It’s but the shape makes it appear smaller.

Golf Driver Buying Guide

So what does the center of gravity have to do with your drive? Beware the New Car factor Most golf club manufacturers release a new product every years, similar to car companies or smartphone producers.

Instead, the face takes on more of the impact, delivering more ball speed overall. Like any hard rules, there are plenty of exceptions. The odds of you making golf’s rarest 4440cc.

Two titanium rods are inserted behind the clubface that keep the club head connected through impact, producing more efficient contact allowing a greater transfer of energy to the ball. A golf swing with a driver is different from other clubs. People love to hit it far.


Another option for the higher level besh is the Ping G30 series. Or is the driver the foundation of a good set and a good game? CG Weight and Hosel.

Are you a PGA Pro? Click here for more on the Ping G drivers It provides distance and forgiveness with a slightly higher launch and more spin. The series gave way to the exciting series, with two options available. This club bes does excel at providing good value for money, as well as a forgiving driver for your game. Weights The ability to alter or move weight in different parts of the clubhead, thus changing the club’s centre of gravity and MOI, can have a significant impact on ball flight.

If you want to play the driver swung by the Masters champion, Patrick Reed, here it is: The place where Titleist seems to fall off is their pricing model.