All I can say is there is a slight background ‘hiss’ which there is not when using it as a landline phone. There has never been an update for the software there is an option of looking for update within the handset. I bought the Aztec phone 3 weeks ago and its great. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Status All Unanswered Processing Answered.

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I cannot suggest this handset if you chat a LOT like 5 hours a phhone I would be great to be able to add your own or have some better more normal ring tones so that my home office is not playing tunes all the time!! Received in good condition. Comes with English manual which is a plus. Please try again later. I took some time in looking into various Voip phones that did not need to have a computer running for them to work, and whilst prices varied the general specs did not.

Hi, You can bring the set come to our show room to exchange or go to Aztech office for exchange.

Close Clear Search History. Its probablly best to set up contacts via PC rather than handset,it will pick up your existing contacts.


But the persons voice is clear, and been told by people I phonr called they have no idea I am using Skype to place the call. However they did say that they could hear me fine.

Add to Wish List. The speaker also had a background noise which interfered and prevented me hearing the other party properly. One made by Philips, the other BT branded.

Twin DECT Digital Cordless Phones

Azyech suspect it ties our router in knots occasionally as well. Other than that however I can’t fault the phone. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. This one worked like charm.

The items came well packaged, I had purchased two one for me and a friend for us to stay in touch for free using Skype and not be zztech to a computer. Solwise were very helpful when I had to ring them up, their customer service is excellent.

DECT Digital Cordless Telephone

Aztech are Singapore-based and Hong Kong looks like the nearest support centre! The call quality is really good and I really can’t tell the difference puone my landline and this.

The hissing sound is because the normal landline RJ phome a low power supply inorder to make the old phones with basic light buttons to work. Do not miss it again! And currently it uses version.


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I just have to make sure that I have a good quality Broadband connection and the Landline is no longer needed, or at least downgraded for emergency use only!! Seller called during the day to confirm delivery time too. I like the phone. The great thing is, that you do not need skype to run on your computer, but if you do decide to use the software, then you cannot use the phone, it is either one or the other.

Majority of the time once in 7 days it will stay connected but when you make a call one of the parties cannot hear eachother. The screen quality is ok but who phonee. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Like I phonee it will last when used sparingly. I am planning to use the Skype business service and this makes it easy and cheap to add phones into my system as I grow. So far no reply.