February 8th, 2. To stop the X server “sudo pkill kdm” to start it agian “sudo kdm. Then install or make sure they are installed the following packages: If the install failed you’re on your own. The whole set up will eventually end up in my server later in the year when I can afford a proper upgrade. In short my machine is very happy running Karmic.

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I changed the kernel dirty page writeback time to seconds Disclosure: My detailed notes are below. This topic is locked from further discussion.

The same is true for the MB – another reason you want short routes to ground. I located my rarely used! The mainboard works now in my arcade cab, now with a Nvidia video card with Lubuntu Make sure the heatpipes face your RAM, per the instructions.

I rather suspected that was the case, pr being a mechanic it’s hard not to use a washer.

It seems that leaving the options as auto detect does not work. Start the X server. Post-install, the system booted fine, video and all. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thats an impressive bit of work.

Asus_P5QC – Ubuntu Wiki

Windows XP system on the conventional drive. Supposedly the screw bonds the mobo to the case, however, case bonding is achieved via the power supply so its really not a big deal if you use a washer or not. Spec is read and write.


Ethernet Driver Oinux supplies a linux driver via module source code for the Atheros adapter on their website. But I suppose I’ll get use to it.

Windows is constantly accessing the drive so I assume it would not be good for the SSD although the drive does advertise itself for Windows.


Another niggle is this board has chipset fans, the noise of which is somewhat irritating. This step compiling and installing the ethernet kernel module must be repeated after each kernel update. CPU cooler fit great on this board it’s a rather large cooler with heatpipes that has problems with some board configurations – eg memory slots in the way. It looks like it will be a azus nice GUI in the future however.

setting bios correctly? (ASUS P5QL Pro)

As this board currently only appears to work with Ubuntu if AHCI mode is enabled, if you are building a multi-boot system, the other systems should be setup for AHCI mode. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to comment on the washer use, because it brings up a good issue. Other than that the install went smoothly. Guess I need to go read limux “how to. Lonux still running great, and i expect it to for years to come.


ASUS P5Q PRO linux compatability

I had an older version which would not boot on this board. The build and OS installation went well based on the above information.

Also viable alternatives would be appreciated.

And it’s best to configure the system to minimize disk writes. I put two ‘uncooked rice grains’ worth of compound on the P5sl and then screwed rpo the cooler.

The CF CPU cooler has heat pipes and a thermistor which controls the fan speed – pretty silent, especially when idle. In this case with the Asus P5QL Prothe network card was ppro recognized by the Linux distribution I normally use for my server CentOSand after having spend a reasonable time using Google trying to find out what was going on — I successfully figured out: Write down the path to where you downloaded it if you have a poor memory like me.

So is anyone currently running this board, if so any problems.