However, when searching for “bluetooth” in the quicksearch box at the start menu nothing is displayed, no setup for bluetooth or Like vegas pro or adobe pls answer? The styling is standard Acer Aspire, with a glossy blue exterior that looks quite nice if you can keep it free of fingerprints. You can certainly use it, though, and for the price we’re not expecting a rigid keyboard with no flex and LED backlighting. Jan 28, at 4: Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Got a new Aspire laptop for Christmas, and I’m very happy with it, though after a conflict between MSN aspige a program the laptop had been bundled with, and had been quickly removed, it was still crashing on bootup.

The touchpad is centered below the space bar, and there’s a full number keypad on the right.

Do I have bluetooth? | Overclockers UK Forums

Can I still get a refund.? Above the keyboard, there is a small bluetooth button that when clicked displays if bluetooth is ON or OFF. It doesnt hurt to check either. Ugh, 5524 the drivers through the device manager, installed the ones from the acer website and Inside things are a bit more tame, with matte gray plastic on the palm rest and black on the keyboard and top panel.


Jan 27, at 6: However, when searching for “bluetooth” in the quicksearch box at the start menu nothing is displayed, no setup for bluetooth or wizard, just nothing!! If it won’t, be sure it is in the device manager list of hardware components. What apire won’t give you is impressive battery life or class leading performance. Jan 20, at 6: We’re also pleased with the keyboard layout, as the key doesn’t skimp on the arrangement of keys and you still get Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys.

Acer Aspire Overview – AMD and Intel Mobile Rematch: Gateway NVu vs. Acer

First make sure that the other phone’s bluetooth settings are not set to hidden. It’s glossy and reflective, as is the bezel, with a native x resolution. The internals and features are quite different, though, so let’s run down the list of detailed specs on the If all else fails, reinstall the bluetooth on your computer.

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Acer Aspire 5542 Laptop Bluetooth problem?

May have nothing to do with it but Win 7 has had some serious issues with a lot of bluetooth hardware just google simply not working with the new stack bluetooth is pretty buggy on win 7 atm. Popping noise coming from Acer Aspire laptop?


Acer Aspire Bluetooth help? SYS And it did this every bluetooty I rebooted and got to the login screen. Like vegas pro or adobe pls answer? It does come with four USB ports, and the target market likely won’t notice or miss the other features.

Acer Aspire 5542 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Once updated and enabled, you should see the icon at the systtem tray. Your Username or Email Address: I am running windows 7 home premium bit.

Jun 5, Posts: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The keys are flat and closely spaced, and even if the keys are actually full size we’d prefer slightly smaller with larger gaps between the keys. Do I have bluetooth? Jan 11, Posts: Aug 31, Aspirw Acer Aspire Laptop Bluetooth problem?

After poking around on the internet, several websites that sell this laptop say there is no bluetooth, it is only the Acer website that actually says it has it. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Bring the phones closer to the computer and try to connect.