Elon Musk The chief of Tesla comes under pressure. Toggle navigation Email Password Forgot? Here are Charles, Ada and Leslie in If you are thinking of starting your own research why not register for one of our 14 day trials? His sister died in when Ronnie was about 9. FameChain has their amazing trees.

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Annie Driver’s former in laws: And last week Minnie broke off from filming in Scotland to rush to her father’s side in London anni he suffered a massive heart attack. I really understand why he threw it away — the symbolism of throwing it into a body of water that swallowed up his lovely friend.

Minnie visited the RAF Museum at Hendon, where she was shown an issue of the Air Ministry Bulletin which announced the award of Ronnie’s medal and included an interview with him in which he said that his mother was Scottish and his father a Yorkshireman, a wool buyer, and that his family had moved around quite a lot, rnonie that when he left school roonnie went to work as a clerk at his father’s wilsha business.

Whoever was I looking up? Minnie was shown a programme from the Stockport Hippodrome from when Leslie was appearing in repertory, using his stage name of Leslie Stancliffe.

The book had a photo of Ronnie. I know that lots of people find it interesting but I prefer those that go further back so much more.


We wake up with Annie Wilshaw

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Ronnie’s mother, Jessie McGregor, was the mistress of his father in a circumstance that would ironically repeat itself in Ronnie’s later life. Ronnie was married ajnie another woman and had another family, but Minnie only found out that her parents weren’t married to each other when she was Her first husband was Robert C. I think if I’d have had a photo and description of my Dad in a published book I would have tried to find out more.

Here is a copy of his birth record on TheGenealogist.

An insider interview with Annie Wilshaw | Global Blue

The raid was a disaster and Ronnie’s aircraft was damaged. The year-old had been at the back of the plane and in the end they had to leave his lifeless body in the wrecked plane as it sank into the depths, while they were rescued by British forces. I didn’t know my parents weren’t married until I was 12 or 13 – my dad lived a very split life. If you wish to license an image, please use our Rights and Images service.

Annie Driver’s daughter is Susan Driver. Subscribe to our Celebs newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Newsletter sign up Become a Member. It was the first time the actress had ever seen a photograph of her grandmother. It makes me wonder for my father, why he chose to keep everything so secret.


Black Mirror Black Mirror’s Iwlshaw Sadly Leslie died at the relatively young age of If she knew her father had been married or was still married, surely she must have wondered about half siblings at some point. But Hollywood actress Minnie Driver had a rather different aim — to find out more about her own fatherwho only died two years ago.

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Derek said that Ronnie was shaken up and had a health problem after the battle. Minnie was thrilled to discover that not only did Ronnie have an older half brother, but that half-brother Leslie Stancliffe was an actor like her. Kent Police Margate ‘murders’: To see Minnie Driver’s family in more detail please click here to visit TreeView. His best friend, rear gunner Walter Lilley of Kippax, died in the battle, aged I grew up on WW2 stories and in the war’s aftermath so, to me, it isn’t “history” really.

Ronnie Driver’s former partners: But for this, the aircraft would have been well alight in a few seconds.