More information on Honeywell Security Systems. This provides a supervision alert from the keypads in case of a damaged fire wire. Terminal 5 is positive, terminal 4 is negative. The typical wiring used for any devices requiring data, such as keypads, is 4-conductor jacketed cable. This is done mainly to simplify the layout of the control board, as well as to save space. The pair sending dial tone back to the premise phones should connect to the opposite pair of terminals, colored brown and gray. I only endorse products and services that I truly believe to be an honest value for you, as a visitor to my site.

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Professional alarm installers can even use the Vista 20P for custom designed security systemsdue to its many features and programming options. Disclosure This site receives affiliate commissions from some of the companies I discuss. These quotes are absolutely free! This provides a supervision alert from the keypads in case of a damaged fire wire.

Include at least one Ademco keypad to make advanced programming viwta. Learn about me, how I built this site, and how you can build one of your own!

Powered By Solo Build It! This makes it easy to keep track of the power and data pairs, sjren well as the polarity of each. If you happen to have a convenient earth ground near the alarm panel, go ahead and connect to it.


Terminal 5 is positive, terminal 4 is negative.

Ademco Vista 20P

Rest assured that this compensation does not influence my recommendations. The Ademco Vista 20P diagram inside the lid indicates the standard colors for each screw terminal, making things easy. I only endorse products and services that I truly believe to be an honest value for you, as a visitor to my site. A minor point, but I welcome anything that saves time and confusion!

The Ademco Vista 20P has the capacity for 8 on-board zones using basic connections. Click or tap on image to enlarge.

This site is supported through affiliate marketing. While making connections, either leave the transformer unplugged, or keep the wires separated.

siren test for vista 20p

This can be used for sirens, bells, strobes, or other devices up to the rated output. Connect the flying leads of an RJX cord to the terminals as shown. For more details on wiring smoke detectors, see: The Ademco Vista 20P has very good built-in lightning protection, even without an earth ground connection.

This option simplifies wiring, and cleans up the panel a bit. This cable is usually manufactured with the colors red, black, green, and yellow or white for the individual wire insulation.

Be careful not to allow the leads from the transformer touch each other while the unit vistw plugged in!

Zone doubling is an optional connection scheme that this panel supports; it adds 7 more hardwired zones to panel visya no additional hardware. Connect each lead of a 2-conductor wire to these terminals. It also gives detailed specs and ratings for ivsta system and all its terminals. The Ademco Vista 20P also supports 4-wire smoke alarms, but a relay will need to be added.


Just answer a few questions below, and you’ll receive your quotes via email.

Ademco Siren | eBay

Connect data leads from keypads, zone expanders, or other data devices. The image of the Honeywell Vista 20p wiring diagram is small, but you can click to enlarge it.

To fix this issue, connect a single short pigtail of gauge wire to each terminal, preferably using red for positive and black for negative. Also, I highly recommend that you download a free copy of the complete Ademco manual, which will include a full-size image of the wiring diagram.

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