The URL-blocking and packet filtering are also supported. Allows user to make a tunnel with a remote site directly to secure the data transmission among the connection. You are allowed to set your own account name. The current status in WAN interface. Encrypt It shows the encryption status. Firewall – Vlan 3.

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Hardware Reset To perform a hardware reset, hold down the reset button for more than 2 secondsand release it. You can adjust this power level from minimum 0 to maximum This is useful if you wish to experiment with different settings, knowing that you have a backup in hand in case any mistakes occur.

A-oink tukevat Windows 98, Me, ja Xp-versioita.

If not, please refer to a-linkk Windows-related or other operating system manuals. The Repeater Mode can establish the connection with other AP sand the wireless client s can be connected the device too.

Linjanopeudet ovat riippuvaisia operaattorin asetuksista ja linjan laadusta.

Enter the preferred subnet mask. Enter the Ethernet type. Todelliseen siirtonopeuteen vaikuttaa aina Internetin ruuhkaisuus.

If you want to active IP Alias function, please select Enable. Select the Local Area Connection, and right click the icon to a-lik Properties. Now roadrumner have completed all of the installation and window would show success results. System all Show all log of wireless broadband router Wirelessy Only show wireless log Only show Denial-of-Service log This product also serves as an Internet firewall, protecting your network from being accessed by outside users.


Valitse Local Area Connection.

TeleWell TW-EA ADSL-modeemi & palomuuri & WLAN-tukiasema (b+g) Ohjekirja – PDF

Voice, Video, Best Effort and Background. You can select WEP or None.

Provides embedded PPPoE client function to establish a connection. Enter the password provided by your ISP.

Troubleshooting If your device does not function properly, please refer to the suggested solutions provided in this chapter. It is user-friendly and comes with on-line help.

In the Control Panel, doubleclick on Network and choose the Protocols tab. Please follow the steps below for PC s network environment installation.

If you do not check this selection, remember to specify a static IP address, subnet Mask, and DNS setting for each of your local computers.

Select the settings files you wish to use, and press Import to load the setting into the device. The necessary product key can be found in the hand out given to you. When the window below pop-up, click OK to install visfa drivers.


Select the wireless channel ID that you would like to use. However, make sure that your PCs have an Ethernet interface installed properly prior to connecting the device.

Be careful not to assign the same IP address to different computers. Select the ID of channel you would like to use.

Port Açma Programı – 2900 Modem ile Uyumlu ve Türkçe!

After the device is powered on, press it to reset the device or restore to factory default settings. This function enables the creation roadrunenr multiple virtual IP interfaces for this device. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Protocols tab. Blinking when data is transmitted or received via Ethernet port.