4037 5E DRIVER

PFT and emulation. Fax orders may be sent to Included are 16 resident scalable fonts. For information about products or services, call Lexmark at The flash memory option allows the user to download font selections that remain in the printer while the flash option is installed.

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For further information regarding volume orders, contact your IBM representative. This printer also should appeal to customers moving from shared laser printers to a personal page printer for individual use in creating primarily text documents.

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The printer comes pre-assembled with print cartridge and paper tray already installed. The printer should be configured as an “other parallel” or “other serial” printer depending on the interface selection.

User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities. The minimum number of machines required to be at the central facility before requesting maintenance service is six. A printer installation utility and drivers for some of the popular software applications are also included. Supplies can be purchased from Lexmark Authorized Supplies Dealers or directly from Lexmark by calling The 5E printer and options are designed to be customer setup.


The 5E is compatible with applications running under the following operating systems: A parallel attachment cable is shipped with each printer. Mail orders may be sent to: Up to 5 PPM.

The printer comes with a Centronics parallel interface. PC 437 and serial attachment are available via the same connector. Included are 16 resident scalable fonts. See “Cables” in the Machine Requirements section. A revised exhibit will be available at a later date. With 5w proven reliability of the Motorola MC microprocessor, a rugged design, and a 16, page per month duty cycle, the 5E offers home and business customers a sturdy, reliable printer solution.

Original Lexmark 1382760 ValueWriter 300 600 Print Cartridge a

An optional serial adapter is available. For any type of problem, the customer should call the Lexmark Hotline at A compact start-up kit contains instruction manuals for accessing needed information quickly. This printer is an affordable, reliable, easy to use solution for laser-quality printing in the home or office.

The 5E is focused on moving up dot matrix and inkjet users who desire affordable laser-quality printing as the standard of print quality. The following envelopes should not be used: The IBM Education Order Center is the order processing location for selected Personal Computers and related hardware and software for eligible education end users. The IBM 5E provides a low-cost solution for users wanting laser-like print quality at an affordable price.


Then, the virtual printer selection should be “IBM Printer installation and setup time is minimal. For information about products or services, call Lexmark at However, this product is not eligible for a discount greater than 12 percent. A single-element, customer-replaceable print cartridge is shipped installed in the printer. The following may cause unacceptable results: The flash memory option allows the user to download font selections that remain in the printer while the flash option is installed.

A line cord is provided with the printer.